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[Game] Focus – Train your Brain

FocusStimulate your cognitive skills with Focus – Train your brain!

Put your cognitive skills to the test with this daily brain training in which you will find more than 25 games to stimulate skills such as memory, concentration, coordination, visual perception or logical reasoning.


This application for brain training has been designed in collaboration with psychologists and neuroscience professionals. In Focus you will find exercises and games in which each of the cognitive areas is stimulated as well as exercises similar to those used by professionals in their consultations. With this brain training application you will stimulate your brain from memory exercises to visual acuity games. Within the main menu of Focus you can choose between games of areas such as:

Visual perception


Focus – Train your brain has a statistics section where you can see your cognitive evolution during the last week, month or year. In addition, the app offers you a cognitive summary in which the average scores of the results of your daily workouts are shown. Find out your progress thanks to brain training!

The comparison option of Focus allows you to graphically view your results in relation to people of the same age and gender. Stimulate your cognitive skills with Focus, a brain training app.


Daily workouts
Fun games for brain training
Stimulate your cognitive abilities
Simple and easy to use interface
Check your evolution over time
Compare yourself with same profile people
Free application with subscription options to access specific content

Focus user reviews :

It’s super fun! Yeah I’m guessing they need to figure out how to make sure the app aligns with the time zone of the user as I’m having issues with the days as well. They also need to finish translating the English section as some words are still in Spanish. I guess that could just be a coding bug as well. Hopefully they find the time to fix it as it’s a fun app and I don’t want to Uninstall it!

It’s a very good app. The test in the beginning helps you to understand what the app is about and how it can help you to improve your (brain) skills. I also like the diagrams and Data that you can look up on a regular basis. So the data/diagrams show you how well you did in a certain category in a certain time period. The App is great for people who want to improve their skills and want to know more about what they can/can’t do

The app is very aesthetic. The UI is awesome. But the brain games, puzzles, trainings are a little bit easy. Please try to incorporate some harder trainings. I got full scores in 3/5 in the introductory test itself. The statistics section is brilliant. Make it a more harder.( Else give some option to the user). Good work devs.

the app is a great app, it’s like the complete definition of what I would like in a brain teaser game, I enjoy every single task and the way the rank system is, I’d give it a five star but there’s one thing this game’s lacking; competitions( with friends and family) to see who’s game. But unfortunately it doesn’t. I couldn’t ask for more, just this request Add a feature where by I could compete with whomsoever I want. Thank you

The user interface is beautiful, sleek and simple. The gameplay however is laggy, and for some reason even though my selected language is English, the app sometimes gives me instructions in Spanish. Additionally, the lock combination gameplay needs to be recofined to a simpler combination animation or a speeder one, as it lags and requires precision to get the combination correct even when the combination space holds two numbers instead of one.

Only few days into the app so take this as you will. but so far I love it. I have used brain training apps for years daily, Mindpal and elevate are my go too. But honestly this one is definitely going to be in my daily mix. Fingers crossed they don’t do what Peak did and mess it up by getting overly greedy asking for money or by putting every game behind a aggressive ad push. Time will tell but so far I love it and the games have the best and most refreshing variety of the other apps so far.

I enjoy the app and love that it’s free. The only reason I’m not giving it 5 stars is because it changes my results and/or takes away my ability to play for a day. Ex: I played around 11 PM last night (Thurs). Afterwards, it showed my results under Thurs. After midnight it gave me the option to play for Fri (though I didn’t at the time). When I came back to play around lunch today (Fri), it had moved my results from Thurs to Fri. So it shows I didn’t play yesterday and won’t let me play today.

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