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FoodvisorFoodvisor is your wellness guide, providing personalized nutrition and workout for every motivation.

When it comes to nutrition, finding what works for you makes all the difference. We understand that building a happier and healthier lifestyle is personal, it looks different for every one of us.

So we get to know you by keeping track of your nutrition and exercise, guiding you with personalized plans, advice and encouragement, so you get the results you want. And we’re always there – your intelligent and friendly companion helping you find your way.

We’re on the journey with you, and you can do it!

*Rated 5 STARS by tens of thousands of users*


1. Answer a few questions and we’ll create a diet program that’s right for you, based on your profile, motivation and needs.
2. Receive your custom nutrition program instantly, created by nutritionists and based on behavioral science to ensure sustainable results.
3. Follow our daily recommendations, chat and get coaching from one of our registered dietitians through the app, and key insights to create healthier habits.
4. Get your personal fitness program, AI-powered, based on your goals and fitness preferences.
5. Get on-going support to help you stay motivated, reach and maintain your weight goal long term.


Custom diet program and meal plan with daily advice and courses to help you achieve your personal goal one step at a time.
1:1 coaching and chat with registered dietitians to support you on your journey.
Count your calories and track your macros easily: snap a picture of your meal to reveal its nutritional content (calories, macros, micros), scan barcodes, or create your own favorite foods.
Hundreds of healthy, delicious and easy recipes tailored to you, to inspire you to reach your weight goals.
Easy-to-use tracking tools to log your weight, activities, steps, macros and water.
Follow at-home workout videos with fitness coaches, all which you can do without any equipment.
Import and export your nutrition data, exercise data, and weight and body measurements to and from the Google Fit App.

Personalized diet and fitness plan, registered dietitians available everyday, snap a photo to easily log your food, calorie counter, macro tracker and healthy meal ideas. Everything you need to reach your health and weight loss goals.

Try for free now and start your journey to a healthier, happier you!

Downloading Foodvisor is free. If you want to have access to your personalized program, our team of nutritionists and hundreds of recipes, please upgrade to Premium.

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Foodvisor user reviews :

It’s a useful app, I used it a lot in the past, but it was much better from my point of view previously. The barcode scanner takes a lot of tries until it reads the barcode now, if it does, previously it detected the code much faster. Previously it also displayed the photos taken for each meal, which helped having a good overview, but also as inspiration looking back when you lack ideas. It would be great if they reintroduce this feature and improve the barcode scanner.

  • Bonjour  ! Merci pour votre commentaire. Nous prenons en compte votre feed-back, et nous faisons évoluer l’application en fonction de vous et de vos idées. . Sachez que vous pouvez nous écrire à support[at] pour partager avec nous vos suggestions d’amélioration.

Good experience overall. The Nutritionist option is the most valuable on the whole package in my opinion. I will describe some issues bellow that could be improved, but I would strongly recommend it despite them. There is a huge problem with the food database concerning the nutritional values, and I have to fix them manually. Alcoholic drinks with zero calories, salad with zero fiber, for example. The search engine needs improvement. I could not easily find a strawberry (the fruit) for example.

  • Hello Ramon Thank you for your great feedback. We’re working on the database and food search experience Feel free to share your suggestions for improvement with the team at support[at]

It seems impossible to save recipes for later reference (for example when grocery shopping to actually buy the ingredients, or later when cooking and trying to follow the instructions). Furthermore, the order of the recipes and randomly shuffled everytime you open the app, making it extremely tedious to find them time and time again. Can’t speak to the rest of the app yet, but as far as recipes go the UX is baffling and poorly thought out.

Can track even complicated meals (most of the bar codes!). If bar code not found, one can create one’s own or change amount and all very intuitive! Also app gives good tips on how to change habits (e.g. eating, workout).

I love this app! Not only does it keep track of calories, it has a nutritionalist you can contact anytime, and courses to help you through your program.

  • Hello Jodie Thank you for your comment, we’re glad you like the app and happy to have you as a user

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