Fruit Splash – Colorful and vivid fruits

[Game] Fruit Splash

Fruit SplashFruit Splash is a very addictive connect lines puzzle game!
Connect colorful lines of fruit to solve compelling levels in this puzzle adventure!

Fruit Splash Features:
Colorful and vivid fruits.
Easy to learn, hard to master.
Reward players with many achievements.
Exciting and delicious fruit trip.
Leaderboards in friends circle and world.
Two play mode: puzzle and arcade.

So join this fruit world, match 3 or more fruits in this puzzle of lines!

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Fruit Splash user reviews :

Why do I really need to play and achieve all requirements of level 158 and still fail to proceed to new level… Latest version.. almost 20 times … Am tired and about to uninstall. Also my daily spin no longer active

  • Hello, in addition to collecting targets to pass the level, the minimum score of the level must be met at the same time. After testing, it can pass the level normally when the above two conditions are met. We will continue to optimize the various functions and levels in the game to improve the player’s experience.

This game is awesome and 2 years ago, I have completed all the levels and waited for more levels. Later I have uninstalled it for some memory full reasons. I didn’t find any other game so much interesting and again installed again but this time, I see the level 334 is so disgusting and loosing interest in playing. There is no logic and clue to finish the level. I tried so many times, it might be a bug… please look in to it ASAP. Otherwise I will uninstall it as I can not go forward…..!!!!

I really like the game but I don’t like the unnecessary updates. I hate the latest upgrade where the fruits and color look totally different. I might just uninstall it based on that which is a pity because I’m a huge fan. Put the old color and fruits back, tbis new one totally sucks. Lastly, I miss the feature where you can watch an add for extra moves when you’ve ran out. Otherwise it would’ve been 5 stars from me if it wasn’t for that.

Fun game. Difficulty level is just right. Challenging, but not so difficult that you can’t win. Love the variety of levels, except for the levels that are timed. Timed levels are stressful which defeats the purpose of playing for fun and relaxation. Makes you feel rushed verses being able to think out your moves.

It’s an okay game, but it doesn’t take long before it becomes annoyingly difficult. I’m at a point I need to restart constantly and rely on lottery-level odds of luck to progress. It’s almost like using paywall mechanics in the game, yet the devs aren’t using a paywall business model which strangely makes things more frustrating.

It is the best game but when we are reaching above 50th level at that time we are getting the difficult levels that’s fine means how much steps next we will go we will feel that much difficulties but between difficulties we are getting very less moves means just 30 or 25 how we can complete the level then. If levels are becoming high obviously moves should be also 35 or above then that. So I am disappointed with it…..

I really like the game BEFORE the last update. They took away the arcade option, and completely cut down the puzzle (which is what I downloaded the game for) – puzzle games no longer give coins, nor do they give special fruits during the game as they used to. Will be uninstalling soon if the puzzle doesn’t change back.

  • Please don’t leave, we will restore the function in the new version

So nostalgic! I remember playing this game when I was 5 or younger. I only like the classic version. Cause that was the home screen back then. You did had the other one. But it was an option. Now it’s the homescreen. I don’t like that game. I never really got far. I only like the classic. That doesn’t mean I’m not happy with it only my opinion

Was Fun but now too frustrating. Need explanations. I have a bunch of points/$ but no idea how to use them. A bunch of icons at the bottom but no clue what they do. Current mode is obnoxious and impossible to beat because the key doesn’t move and locked crate isn’t breaking at all.

i really like this game but i have only given 4 stars since i see more ads while playing . but why this game is giving very difficult levels and very less moves i mean turn then how can we win the game. and when i come out of the game in half , again if i open the app i never continue d hte game again i have try from first if the game corrects all this i would rate 5 stars because this is my favourite game

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