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[Game] Grand Sanctuary – Troth of Goddess

Grand SanctuaryGrand Sanctuary: Troth of Goddess is an idle, turn-based strategic RPG that offers a fantastic gaming experience, exquisite arts, and requires strategic thinking.

It is an AFK game that provides hours of fun. In this game, you can command powerful goddesses to conqueor everything. The victory is within your grasp, but fate is unpredictable.


Dragon’s Back
This area allows players to farm abundant resources without any time limit. Higher-ranked players receive exclusive rewards. If some floors are too challenging, players can check and learn from other players’ teams.

Players can enjoy 1v1 battles or thrilling team fights in Team Arena and Cross Summit Fight, respectively. Winning battles results in big rewards. Become a valkyrie and lead your team to victory!

Relics offer an exciting exploration experience where players encounter guardians in each dungeon. Defeating them leads to discovering treasure chests. Be alert, as the boss is fierce! You might even face the end of days, the Ragnarok!

Divinity Exploration
Players must decide their route carefully in this feature. Once they choose one route, the other routes will be destroyed. It requires a strategic approach to succeed. Reach the top and enter the valhalla!


In-game purchase is available.
This game is available in multiple languages, including English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai.

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Grand Sanctuary user reviews :

Okay game, easy to learn and play, nice character graphics but that’s the main selling point of the game, everything else was average, even the characters were not much chop, no real variations. Very very similar to other games, just looked a little more polished. Game gives players lots of rewards but I feel it doesn’t make the game any more exciting. It’s good there are no forced ads and no long character dialogue where you wish the game would just shut up. Overall it is still worth a look.

Ignore the bad reviews. This is a good game. It runs well on my TCL and I’ve had no problems. If you’re a F2p person, there are plenty of ways to get by. The tutorial is a bit lacking in instruction but it’s not worth crying about. Graffics and sound are good. I never get bored with this game cus there is a lot to do. And the goddesses are sexy. If can take their clothes off I’ll give it 5 star Dev. Send me codes.

Made a ton of progress in a day and the game reverted me. Not sure if I want to keep playing since all the progress I made was revoked.

clone of another game who’s name escapes me, worse still you used the same flavor text without updating pronouns. this isn’t even base code you took a popular game and slapped a flash screen on it. a sad money grab that will not last. I advise you come up with a concept, create some new art and try to create something instead or this trash you have published here. 2 stars for sexy half naked females but, if that’s the best you have don’t quot your day job.

Amazing graphics first thing!! Second, easy to play and learn the ins and outs of the game. Beyond a great way to kill some time!!

This is the same game as Goddess Era, Battle of Ultimate Fate and Ultimate Arena of Fate. Same characters and same battles for virtually all 4. It even says that this game is Goddess Era on the loading page instead of Grand Sanctuary.

It’s been fun. Gaining higher rarity God(esses) isn’t extremely difficult but also isn’t extremely easy.

Lot of content/features locked by VIP which can’t be earned with special missions. It has to recharge. Woah, same with goddess era?

I love the art work but it’s another money grab that is filled to the brim with micro transactions.

the game is interesting but I wish that it was little bit more easier increase your characters Star level

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