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Groovy LoopsFind your inner DJ with Groovy Loops — the perfect way to make your digital musical dreams a reality!

Groovy Loops helps you easily learn how to create music and mix a vast collection of loops.

Create beats, remixes, covers and the greatest music tracks on the go with Groovy Loops.
Try out our sound packs in the library of presets. It’s super easy-to-use: use a variety of beats & loops, tap on pads, mix and hone your skills.

Features include:

A huge collection of 20+ exceptional custom sound packs.
Groovy tunes covering: hip-hop, pop, EDM, beatbox, dance, club music, house, deep, chill out, dubstep, drum & bass, trap, electronic music, etc.
A library includes 800+ individual beats , instrumentals, & vocal loops.
Create soundtracks and then put on a show with the aid of a pad to make beats and instrumental loops as well as the best one-shots.
Create tracks in no time thanks to smart synchronization that analyses the bars and BPM of the track.
Create the perfect arrangement or track thanks to the impressive sound effects that will spice up any party;
Groovy Loops lab sound effects include filter, flanger, reverb, splice, bit crusher, chorus, and delay.

Whether you’re an amateur music lover or a professional DJ, Groovy Loops can help you perform music on stage.
Use the simulator to become an exceptional music creator of the future and make your own music sampler set.
Make music with a virtual mixer, record it, adjust the level of voices, include bass, drums and sounds in your composition.
Play music like a real DJs on a legit launchpad, use our audio editor to compose smash hits with our audio editor and become a megastar in the music community.

Groovy Loops is available globally:
Creador de beats y de música — reproduce mezclas de DJ y haz música
Crea pistas y haz shows en vivo usando un pad que incluye ritmos y loops instrumentales, así como tomas únicas de primera calidad.

Créateur de Beats et de Musique — jouez des mix de DJ créez vos musiques grâce au Drum Pad
Composez des titres à jouer en live grâce au pad qui inclut des rythmes et boucles instrumentales, ainsi que des titres uniques de haute qualité.

Groovy Loops is a smartphone app you can use instead of a garage band, mixing station or music orchestra.
This app was made because we adore DJ music, dancing, creating rhythms & sounds.
New sound packs, effects and up-to-the-minute genres of music compositions are added regularly.
DPM means drum pad machine and musicians say things like “created on a dpm”.

Make your own beat, show it off to your mates, or play at a house party.
Sound packs of instruments including piano, guitar, drum kit, synth, strings, and bells are included — compose tunes with them to get the best rhythms.
Try out new instruments, mix styles, create incredible samples, compose the best new rhythms and develop your djing potential.

Let’s see what you can do!

Groovy Loops user reviews :

I’m enjoying the app, but it’s very glitchy. The adds don’t play making the sets inaccessible. Also when changing the individual sounds the music slows and sounds like a CD that’s been scratched. Overall, I like the variety and am looking forward to recording some work. Thank you Groovy Loops for allowing me to create audio art, I’m excited to focus on pumping out bacon shakin’ tracks.

After Splash was removed I had trouble finding another app like it. And now I have found a similar app to it. It’s perfect. Just like Splash to. So many music options. And I love that everything it looped. One tiny problem tho. When I record it kinda cuts off some of it. I found a solution to this myself. And I don’t mind so it doesn’t effect the stars. But if you can fix it please do. Other than that I absolutely LOVE THIS APP!!

  • Hi, your review is extremely motivating! Thank you for your kind words.

So this is definitely 2nd or 3rd best apps out there for creating songs and and for learning timing etc….and had I written this review months ago when I first found it probably would’ve given it 5 stars and placed it at #1. But you’ll find quickly that you do not have too many options and they never change. Moreover the effects tab gives you 1 effect…THATS IT…its basically just filter effect which honestly makes your song sound terrible on playback if you try to use it…which ultimately you HAVE to use it to come up with some sort of OUTRO to your music. Otherwise your song will just abruptly STOP at the end. The better apps give you a new pack every week and they have a NEW category…this app doesn’t so even if there was a new pack you would never know it unless you just happen to notice e it in whatever category it is in. I don’t mean to sound so critical because I honestly still love the app and use it at least every other day. It just gets frustrating trying to see the logic in some of the things you guys have done with it…Why not make a few tweaks and easily become the #1 app instead of settling for 3rd. I don’t know…either way for anyone out there who has always wanted to make your own EDM music and didn’t know how to get started…THIS should be where you start!

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