Grow Archer Chaser – Unlimited power awaits

[Game] Grow Archer Chaser

Grow Archer ChaserEvery element of the game leads to growth! Unlimited power awaits!

Buy, upgrade and level up your items. Advance your favorite skill and make your own skill tree. Get literally unlimited rewards for your achievements!
Grow Archer Chaser that anyone can easily enjoy! Start now!
Chaser and defeat the monsters who are trying to invade Isteria!!

Get 5,000 garnets just by completing the tutorial! Get 550 powerful arrows!!
Idle Chaser slay monsters, advance weapon and become stronger!
Clear various dungeons for growth and grow your specs!
Continue 99 chapters, Daily Quest
3 free mini games every day (Fun random draws)
Super simple game method
Action rpg idle clicker with offline rewards!
Focus on enchanting and level up! You are nonstop grow archer slayer

This game is acceptable for purchasing the items partially. When purchasing the items, the additional costs could be occurred and limited Consumer Right of Defense according to the item types.

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E-Mail : help[at]

Grow Archer Chaser user reviews :

Don’t know what everybody is complaining about. If you ever touched an rpg game then you have an idea at least what’s going on so no need for a tutorial. As for being strong off the bat I think that’s nice too means fast growth and no slowing down as you get stronger cuz everything is so expensive to upgrade. I like the skip chapter thing and the auto upgrade feature. It’s four stars though cuz it’s stopped working, not sure if it’s maintenance but it’s been that way for nearly 24 hours now.

Been playing this game for almost a year now. And then all of a sudden can’t play no more. All’s it dose is sit at log in screen for minets then close the game. Dose not matter what phone I try to play on

I like it, I am at stage 250 and quite enjoying couple clicks a day. Although I don’t exactly see what’s the point of playing or pushing waves except the fact I get further. Would be nice to see something similar to TT2 where you are trying to beat other players or have different talent builds at least. Also spells are odd in dungeon boss rush, there is only time for first lighting and red DOTS appear even there’s nothing to upgrade on couple pages

I have no idea what is going on in this game. It throws everything at you within the first few minutes without a single word of what or why or how and it just loads you up with uncountable amounts of stuff. I uninstalled less than 10 minutes in, my account was already at level 16, I had well over a hundred pieces of equipment, hundreds of thousands of like 3 different currencies, leveled my skills over 1k times, and still had zero idea what was going on. Hard pass. It was not fun.

Boring from the start because you are super strong from the start so no point in playing to get better equipment or what. Also, theres too much going on at one time from doing dungeon, to opening crates and so on. I just dont understand the flow of the game. Everything moves so quickly and I dont even know what Im doing. Played for an hour and uninstalled and most likely wont install it again. I waited so long for this game and sadly, its dissappointing indeed. Sorry but 1 out of 5 stars.

While the core game is AWESOME the monetization kills it. the bare Minimum is permanent boost 10€ which should be combined with adfree. without this dont even bother starting up because enemy hp is balanced around These buffs. rest is 100€ to unlock all Features to experience the game around its balancing which is just too much. its sad that such a great game is killed by that

  • Hello, we are sorry to hear that you’ve had this issue. We will balance out the game with more play data soon. Thank you for the feedback!

This game is great it’s kind of annoying that some of you all don’t realize that it gives you a beginner buff and helps you level up fast so you don’t get stuck as soon as you start playing which is the major deterrent in most games and when people do the opposite you complain about that as well but overall fun game could graphics if you actually read the tips you’ll understand the game and you can slam into the leaderboard just like I am

Very addictive, I already get my critical chance to 100% and the game came out 7hrs ago, also 100% in critical chance means you upgrade it 2250 times. The reason it is missing one star is because it takes long to load it only show a black screen which make us want to quit, try waiting and later starts. I say try waiting since I restarted it many times. before I find out, I needed to wait longer.

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