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[Game] Happy Garden

Happy GardenHappy Garden – Free Farm Games is a free game where you can create a garden just for you with cute animals.

New feature: Baby house
Baby House is a feature where you can nurture animals’ baby.
If you raise them patiently, when the nurturing period is over, You get the animals baby size.

How to play the “neighbor”
Try to increase the friend from the search and recommendations.
Let’s go to the plaza of My list friend
try to get a friend coin stroking the animals!
Get a friend coins and other players come to their own plaza!
Try to get a friend Shop Limited of animals and decorations in the friend coin.

Lots of ways to play
Collect coins from cute houses
Collect produce and fruit from fields and trees
Acquire recipes and cook lots of dishes
Give food to the animals to show them love
Listen to the animals’ requests
Get personal animals
Freely decorate like in a miniature garden game
Progress through the puzzle and collect animals

Recommended for these people
People who like animals and cute buildings
People who like city building games
People who like farm and miniature garden games
People who like to enjoy games at their own pace

If you cannot open the app, please restart your device and close application first.
When you send mail to us, please let us know which device you are using and your mail address.

Happy Garden user reviews :

The game doesn’t start in English and there is no login to save your game, only a switch device takeover code that expires. If you lose your phone or it breaks you lose all of your progress that way

Love it= as I do all the (crossfeild) games! Edit: The characters ask for recipes that are impossible by level. I still love your games, but what a dissapointment with such an easy fix. Apple pie and blueberries, etc.

It’s an alright little farming sim that requires a surprising amount if your time in order to play The aesthetic is very cute but sadly the long wait times, coupled with not much to do early game caused me to just stop visiting the app

The animals are adorable, there’s an active community, and the matching game is just like you’d expect. The English translations could use a little work but thats not really a critique. Thanks for doing what you do!

a really fun app, but as I said for Bird life, please make a game about dragons and you can match 3 to attack or something, and if you make it offline, even better. thank you if you’re gonna make that kind of game, it’s gonna be really fun

Doing alright for a beginner. Cannot wait to get a rhino in this game! I recommend it to anyone looking for a more forgiving app, no hassle. It’s very kid friendly too. Thanks!

Yeah, I’m not giving a game app permission to make and manage phone calls. Absolutely no reason to request that.

very cute and fun game once you get a handle on how exactly you play and level up.

Super relaxing and fun~ It helps keep me calm with my anxiety so I love to play this!!

Cute game! is there a game help link? I dont know how to make my animals’ heart meter grow? i tap on them hearts pop up but meter never grows

The only reason it isn’t 5 stars is because the English translation is not great. Other than that I’m completely addicted!

It’s a cute relaxing game for me to entertain myself at day a smooth myself at night!

This is cuteee i like that there’s so many animals to unlock too this is one of my favourite

I would love a dragon animal but otherwise I don’t have a ideas for improvement

The game is beautiful. I love it. Contineou to improve it

The game is so adorable because when I play it makes me relaxed and calmed

Love but please make sure to let people choose their language

It’s a good game, but it wasn’t letting me do anything with the field.

Everyone’s right: the English translations are horrible. This game is definitely interesting & busier than the hamster life type games I’ve downloaded from this company before. I’m definitely addicted now, though, even if some tasks do seem to take forever.

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