Happy Merge Estate – Renovate the house

[Game] Happy Merge Estate

Happy Merge EstateMerge and design, let us try this sweet merge home game. It’s time to do house designing and item merging. Merge, decorate, unlock new houses, renovate the house and make it fantasy!

Game Features:
1. Easy to play, everyone can get started quickly
2. Merge items to decorate your home
3. Different furniture choices
4. Unlock surprise rewards

How to play:

Merging two identical items, get more advanced items;
Complete the corresponding tasks, choose unique furniture for the house;
Select different decoration styles, satisfy all your home fantasies;
Finish the house decoration and start the next exploration of different locations!

Play it now and enjoy this amazing game!

Happy Merge Estate user reviews :

The tutorial is very annoying! Plus there’s at least 20 interruptions within the first 5 minutes with in-game mini quests and ad rewards and they can’t just let me play no they have to drive me crazy with all the interruptions and the tutorial telling me how to play when I already know how to play that after 5 minutes I uninstalled it so I could go find a game that doesn’t have a tutorial or at least one that gives me the choice to skip it!

Edited: Don’t get me wrong, this game is awesome, however, now I’m at the front of the house part, the amount of the points needed to build has now made me not want to play anymore. It takes far to long to obtain ya points. Before u had at least 3 or more points to every customer, now it’s 1 & now takes far to long. I want to build. It’s now an annoying game. Please change it to keep 1 wanting to play Thank you so much for this game & like I said don’t get me wrong because it is a good game

So far the help provided in order to know exactly what you’re doing is so magnified that it’s really hard to play the game by myself without being directed. I usually, turn off the settings for a game. Yet, I am unable to locate this setting if there Is even one available? I’ve been taking frequent breaks from the game because I seriously about delete the app.

It could b a really good game, but everytime I push something that takes an ad 2 get something, it kicks me out of the game & restarts, every time. & I have a new tablet.

I absolutely love this game. I have been playing now for a week. I keep waiting for all of the ads to start popping up but they do not. I love the fact that if you don’t want to watch an ad you don’t have to. and to top it off if you do watch an ad you will be rewarded. thank you for making such a great game.

I’ve got three quests right now all of them need the highest level of paint but my paint producer hasn’t produce tubes of paint the last three cycles. Faced with a task you obviously dont want me to accomplish I quit.

The game is excellent as well as addictive but there is a lot of bugs in the games otherwise the games is very excited

Happy merge estate game is very fun and challenging. It also relaxing

It started messing up first thing. Just a black void instead of decor

  • I’m sorry about the problem you encountered. To help us solve the problem, would you please send us your screenshots / video and your game ID ( ) to support[at]playfortunegames.com show this problem? We will process it as soon as we can. Thank you for your support and understanding.

This Is An Exclusively Amazing Merge 3/Match 3/Merge 4/Match 4 Game – App’.!!.

Why cannot be install? I been tried so mny time..please fix asap tq

  • Thank you for downloading the game. Sometimes, the download may fail when the network connection is not good enough. In this case, we highly recommend you try another time when your network connection to GOOGLE Play is stable :) Sincerely

I love is game so very very very very much.

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