HEX Editor – Ability to work in multiple files

[App] HEX Editor

HEX EditorProgram designed for viewing and editing the binary files.

App contains tools for editing, searching and comparing of the files. The macro system will help to cope with any task, the solution of which is not provided by built-in tools.

Main features:
Ability to work in multiple files
Built-in terminal emulator
Built-in macro system

Displaying data in hexadecimal/decimal/octal, the possibility to change the visible length of the address, as many other tweaks let you customize the viewing

Supports of 8 encodings (ASCII, COI8-R, COI8-U, UTF-8, windows-1251, UTF-16, UTF-16LE, UTF-16BE). It’s possible to view, search, edit the string in these encodings
Ability to create own actions and link them with macro
The Help with a detailed description of the features

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HEX Editor user reviews :

It works for reading and writing hex files. Can search for hex fragments and strings. However, the ads are a bit much. After less than a minute, I got a video ad, blasting full volume. This is on top of the flashing banner ads already showing. Uninstalled and found an older version on an apk archive repository. Works just as well without that 1990s shady wareZ site feel.

Wow, super useful! Developer is very responsive. With his(her?) help I was able to build a script to perform a customized checksum to auto-majically verify data on EPROMs. Been using Hexedit to do it on my desk for years but now I can do it on my phone! It would be nice to not disable the swiping ability from the keyboard (GBoard in my case) as it’s kind of painful to peck out the scripts. (I understand the spellchecker gets in the way of coding, but the user can easily switch to pecking any time.)

It’s easy to use (if a bit dated), and does work well, but lacks any kind of power tools (jump to next dword, hex calculator, etc.). It’s suitable for some basic hacking (provided you know which address you’re looking for), but doing any kind of meaningful debug/reverse engineering work, then look elsewhere.

Useful app but there’re quite much problems. First, there are two paths by default, ‘internal’ and ‘external’ where internal means the root folder and external means phone storage, which doesn’t make any sense since my phone is not rooted and cannot access the root folder. Second, even by manually adding SD card by pressing ‘+’ button at the bottom, if I select any file in SD card, it says “Permission denied”.

Any app from Internal mem can be Opened with Hex editor. But File manager in Hex editor cannot browse through Internal memory: “Open directory failed. Permission denied”. It works only on rooted phones, if Root privilege granted to Hex editor. It’s a problem on new phones coming with only Internal mem, without support for SD cards

Despite giving permission to storage, in the app, the sdcard does not show up. I manually added the path. I could then see the files, but when I open any file I get a permissions error. Again, the app has storage & sdcard access per android’s app settings.

Thething i don’t like about the app is that every time you go on settings or almost any page then press back it goes off of the app,but what’s stupid is that when you go back on the app it did go back,which means you have to constantly open the app everytime you want to go on the settings or if you click the wrong button,very annoying…also it’s dumb that you can’t click and edit bytes,you have to manually search them which is okay,but time consuming

Works well. Little bit tedious to enter data, but otherwise works fine. For all you complaining that the app can’t open the storage, just select “External”. Internal storage = root directory in this app.

I can’t really rate this for what I was trying to do, but I am sure it is a very useful tool in other areas. I am some what familiar how hex works because I have had used hex numbers on pc to edit a game file to change it’s value. I have browsed this app for a short time and it seems to be able to do what it says.

Powerful tool! I am searching for something like this for android long time. Small “problem” I can select and mark only binary code. But that can be ignored tool correctly edit codes. My Last program like this on my computer was Flexhex.

The app is doesn’t shows all changes in hex editor between two files. When I try to move to the next fragment it keeps cycling it to the first one and doesn’t show the other change.

Recently downloaded this one and tried hacking an app using it. Works well and I’m trying to find a new hex for the app I hacked since I want to learn a bit more about this app. When I used Hex editor on the app, it worked well, I can buy a lot of things in the game, and now I’m working on how I can make certain items unlimited or a least x99.

According to the description, this app has in-app purchases. I assume that those purchases allow you to turn off any ads. Maybe not. How do you find these in-app purchases? This app is so bare bones, I can’t really find much of anything. And the ads are freaking annoying as all get out.

Decent hex editor, but ads are *really* pushy. Does not appear to have been updated for Android’s new SAF file access permissions, and there is no option for rooted users to access internal storage

I dont know what to rate. I guess 3 stars. This is due to my ignorance. Whenever I open the app and click “Internal” it says permission denied. I cant access any game files. Can someone help me please. If we can solve this, I give 5 stars. I’m on Android btw.

Very easy to use, good UI setup and fast file access (well done!) only the internal storage can be accessed tho.

its great all you need is a small tutorial on youtube to start coding or if you dont wanna learn how to it works, just look for a tutorial of youre preference for an app or game it will show how you can do it so its not that hard

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