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Coloring book free, the pixel art is daily updated !!
Kinds of artworks to coloring, mandalas, flowers, sweets, animal, plant, cartoon …
Import your own photo, change your photo to pixel pictures and coloring it !!
Sandbox mode, without background,free draw your pixel artworks !!
Easy share, share the painting progress to your friends !!
Two control mode of coloring, easy to paint a amazing works !!
Various props, easy to coloring !!
Free coin system, free to play all the artworks !!
Many personalise settings, set your own coloring apps !!
The smallest installation package,save your phone space !!
More features will suggest by you…

Great time killer, relieve your pressure and anxious to helps forgetting your sadness.
Practice drawing skill, increase your creativity of art.
Cultivate recognition, cultivate children’s recognition of colors and numbers.

1. All you need to do is to fill up the blanks with certain colors that related to the numbers.
2. Finish a fantastic pixel artwork now !! Is it easy ??


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InDraw user reviews :

This game has good functionality, is fun and constantly has tons of free content via different methods that are easy to come by. Straight up free, watching a vid for 30 secs or buying using the coins they throw at you constantly is great. the only down is the payment for a year is steep af so I’d avoid that especially since there is no real reason to pay. P.S. It’s really fun to watch the timelapse of what you just drew, plus you get to save it too!

I liked it at first because there was new stuff all the time, but now there seems to either be a refresh issue or something, because I’ve basically finished all of the art that is given, and somehow theres no new art appearing, just the same old stuff, I’ve tried refreshing and reopening it but nothing works. If you can fix the issue if it is one then that would be fine.

Really fun game and time waster. But with the most recent update I’ve been unable to unlock any new pictures that require you to watch a video, get additional coins by watching videos, and no new daily photo for over a week. If they can fix this, would give this 5 stars.

I give this game a 3 because the game is just weird like you have to try not to color out of the lines and the other color by number we can go on the other numbers and we can go out of the lines. And I always get ADS and ads SUCK.

While I play on this app I am content. This app is perfect for all ages: as a 11 almost 12 year old myself I like a chalenge when coloring and this has chalenges, and like a 3 year old that I know that likes to play on my phone it also has simple or easy, and it also has kinda easy kinda hard too. So like I said, it is perfect for all ages. But I getbored after a while.

This app used to be great but now there has been no new content for 2 weeks! Have contacted support but they never respond! If the developer can not maintain this app perhaps it should be removed!!!! “UPDATE” There was an update made available on Feb. 27, 2020, it didn’t make any difference!!! Still no new content!!!!

I paid for the vip because I use this app all the time. It was worth it at first but I’m noticing that they are recycling the old pictures. I won’t be renewing when it comes time. Also…. There is no option to use my own photo like it says.

It is really fun, but if you don’t want to pay for a better version but month, then your options are pretty limited, and there are lots of ads that keep disrupting your experience.

Really fun game. Easy to draw and you know when you mess up. There is a small bar down in the bottom left corner that tells you how many more of that color you have left. Over all it is a very fun game.

Very relaxing, helps alot when you’re angry and need to come down. Beautiful images to color. Absolutely love it.

It is honestly amazing when I’m supposed to be sleeping I play it and tell myself “ok this is the last one” and end doing like 30 more so I highly suggest playing unless your very inpatient or you have a lot of stress with pain but other than that it is awesome

This game is very fun you can colour and draw on the game…There are one side effect that if you want to colour every thing with out paying you need to do a lot of coloring to earn some game money and pay to colour the others….But other from that it is a very fun game

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