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Kawaii IslandsKawaii Islands creates a fantasy universe on the cloud for multiplayer to experience a whole set of simulation gaming including designing, building, crafting, farming, social networking.

Especially, by gamifying several DeFi mechanisms, Kawaii Islands will bring players a new dimension of mixed entertainment and amassing a fortune.

There are six basic types of features. Let us build your own business on-chain and grow your creativity.
Grow and manage plenty of magical resources
Create various types of furniture for your house on the cloud
Fulfill challenging orders to create your fortune and prestige
Show your unique style through different self-tailored outfits
Meet up and hang out with other Kawaii residents from all over the world
Experience straightforward and attractive P2E opportunities

*Official Community:
Facebook: fb.com/kawaii.islands.official
Discord: discord.com/invite/nN4FDesACB
Telegram: t.me/kawaii_islands

If you like Kawaii Islands, please help us by rating. Or if you have any problem, let us know at fanpage: fb.com/kawaii.islands.official.

Kawaii Islands user reviews :

I wanted to like this game, it’s super cute… but the game itself? INCREDIBLY SLOW, even more than other mobile games of its kind. Progression is stifled by timers, minimal rewards for tasks completed, and hidden mechanics that aren’t explained. The developers need to overhaul this game and make it more user-friendly; it’s adorable, but that’s not enough to keep new players around if they keep getting confused or bored. Cute concept – lackluster gameplay.

I couldnt wait for this game to finally release, I had pre registered. It looks AWESOME. however it is very buggy and you literally can’t advance to do anything. After months and months and months of only being able to grow 5 dif plants for animal food, feed 3 dif animals with the plants, and that’s IT, im finally just uninstalling. And not an easy decision by any means…like i said, the game looks awesome & I was so excited for it. But you can’t do anything with it. Beyond boring.

I found this game from playing Kawaii Mansion and thought it looked cute, which it is, but was disappointed to learn the company?/group? basically do NFTs and support NFTs. Now, I want play just to play, but I won’t do anything to do with said NFTs, period. It’s super cute and fun and if anything, I’d love an opt out feature so people who dislike NFTs don’t get anything about them, ways to get that currency. Hence my rating being so low, a plus for being cute and such, minus stars for the NFTs.

  • Hello. We have to balance between traditonal users and investors, so some feature is created for investors only. But If you dont have to pay/invest If you dont want to. And you still can experience the game by harvest, feed creature, go fishing and complete the order

I used to play this game a lot when I was a kid, and when I first saw it again, I instantly installed it, but whenever I enter the game it tells me that I have to reconnect, i even checkedmy internetand it was working…so I hope you can fix this bug.

Honestly the bugs in this game is very annoying i had reset the game 4 times just to get past the tutorial because the arrows keep pointing at nothing and the game freezes hope you guys fix this problem

The game seems good and really cute. However, it’s really glitchy and has a few bugs, an I’m only in the tutorial bit. For example, when I complete a task (request/order) when I am meant to click complete (or done, can’t remember the exact word now) nothing happens, it’s like it’s either really slow to respond or its really just freezing everytime I try? An everything seems slow and laggy, I’ll keep it a bit longer (as I do like the game!) but if it keeps up I’ll just uninstall

  • Thank you for your time to experience the game and give us your feedback. Please help us check if the network connection is good, upgrade the operating system, close unused tabs, and free up space on your phone. If none of the above worked, it might be our game isn’t compatible with your phone. We’re sorry for this inconvenience!

for all, it’s fun but yeah it’s quite boring waiting for plants to bear fruit or animals to lay eggs. the game is cute and interesting, it just doesn’t suit me.

  • Hello, currently we have updated a new version to fix the above problem. Please check and update the game again with the latest version to have a better game experience. Hope you will appreciate our efforts. Thank you.

this version is more enjoyable than previous one..adding silver currency transient creatures and plants make it’s so much playable. I just enjoy completing each order requirements. a further explanation on how much season prize will be given to each account. And I hope the villa certificate would have less requirements so that people could access it early in the game. Thanks

  • Thank you for loving and appreciating the game. We will always try to develop the game better and better. Please always accompany the Kawaii Islands!

The Game has become more entertaining after the mobile lunches by making mechanics that make players more active but still, the environment of the game is not userfriendly at all. you won’t know what to do unless you read the guide docs which is long and people run from long documents right?…which make the newcomers run away. if they’ve put more efford in explaining the game mechanics throw the gameplay itself (tutorial or item description) it would have been way better than those guide docs.

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