Kinja Run – Dodge missiles

[Game] Kinja Run

Kinja Run A brave Ninja cat, running into a path full of monsters!

The world’s first runner and shoot-em-up! Run and dodge missiles!


Run and Auto Battle
No extra controls
Easy to play, hard to master
Roguelike Runner
RPG Progression

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Facebook:@Kinja Run

Kinja Run user reviews :

The game is fun ! Kindly improve on coins farming experience, definitely not enough to use. Please work out also for more events and special dungeons and so on. Thanks!

Fails at the same thing others do. It starts off easy, I completed the first 3 levels each on my first try. Then the 4th water themed level took a giant turn. It has sections towards areas 4 – 6 where theres so many enemies that its impossible to dodge completely and you are forced to take damage. Immediately the game went from super fun to “im going to uninstall this immediately”. Theres a balance, this game did not find it.

  • Hello, thank you for your feedback, suggestions have been received, if you need customer support services, you can contact us via email (kinjarun[at] or Facebook(

I stumble upon this game in an Instagram ad. Well the ad was nothing like the game, but the game was even better. Yeah there sire are bugs like the pause issues. There is still a little flaws in the level 9 map, which is when you finish a level you can get powerups. In that area, the game has a z fighting issue there where the pieces of the map are fighting to be at the top layer.

Good concept, quite fun. If your weapon shoots a lot of projectiles at once, the framerate occasionally just grinds to a halt, making it impossible to play/react to enemy projectiles, leading to undeserved deaths. Sometimes when you kill a boss too quick the rest of the level doesn’t load in time, causing you to fall off the level and die. Some boss attacks also cause the framerate to tank. This is on a powerful SD 8 Gen 1 chip, so the game needs a lot of optimization improvements.

The game is great but I found a few glitch or bug. When enemy shoot you, you know you got hit but didn’t get hit? Second, when pause the combo meter go down, shouldn’t it be pause as well? Third, when the final boss go down, we still shooting, like can’t we stop shooting until the boss go down? Fourth, when reviving, during the “pause” it didn’t actually pause, it just slow down. FFS fix the pause. I’m giving this 2 stars because of the bug/glitch. Hopefully you guys fix these.

  • Thanks for your feedback, our current setting is that after killing monsters, you can be immune to the attack of the killed monsters. Shoot with suspension suggestions we receive and will optimize the update as soon as possible, if you have other suggestions or ideas please contact us by email (kinjarun[at]

I prefer this kind of progressive gameplay compared to Archero-like games. I also managed to find a combo of upgrades that make the game incredibly laggy but essentially instakills every enemy and boss. (combo, ricochet, pronged shot), are the main 3 upgrades. If you max out your critical chance it lags even more. I managed to beat the final boss of a chapter so fast the map stopped loading and I died over and over until it brought me to ads and eventually the main menu.

The game is good and very addictive. My only concern are the controls and the revival ads. Firstly the controls is a bit weird. Whenever I hold the screen it, the character automatically moves right. It makes it harder to dodge. And when I’m moving left it feels heavy because its countering itself. Secondly is the revival ads. I’ve watch a lot of ads just to revive but nothing is happening. Until I can no long do anything and get stuck.

  • If something similar happens, please contact us as soon as possible. Our email address is kinjarun[at] Please send us screenshots and ad names. Upon receipt, we will deal with it as soon as possible, thank you for your support and understanding!

I enjoyed it while I could, but when I tried to claim a couple quests, they wouldn’t claim. I proceeded to shut the app down and reset, however once the app restarted, it would freeze on the starting splash screen (the one with the kinja standing in front of the killer plant thing). I tried restarting my phone, same issue (Samsung Note 20 Ultra) Not sure what the issue is, but I don’t want to risk reinstalling and losing my progress.

  • Hello, your feedback has been received. If the technical team confirms that there is a problem, it will be fixed as soon as possible.

This game is surprisingly good and it gets challenging and fun fast, if you reach the further levels (not worlds) you will see why. I also really appreciate that ads are optional and not popping in the middle of the game. While checkpoints would be nice, I have no complaints as of right now, only thing I’m a little nitpicky about is the energy system. Please please please, get rid of it! This game is awesome, just please do NOT jump down the micro transaction hole & ruin this game. Thanks!

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