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LinkedIn RecruiterUse the LinkedIn Recruiter app to stay on top of your recruiting when you’re on-the-go.

Quickly respond to candidates as soon as they reply to your messages. Search LinkedIn’s entire network of 675M+ members and contact the right people for your open roles — all from your phone. Pick up work where you left off or take care of quick tasks when you’re away from your desk, like reviewing candidate profiles or organizing your pipeline.

With the LinkedIn Recruiter app, you get access to key features of LinkedIn Recruiter, whenever and wherever you need them:

Get real-time notifications when candidates reply to your messages and respond in the moment
Compose and send InMails to candidates while on-the-go
Search the entire LinkedIn talent pool using smart filters and keywords
Access and edit your recent searches easily
Attach and send documents to candidates, all from your phone
Review candidate profiles and save candidates who are a good fit to your existing projects*
Get Recommended Matches for your open roles that improve over time by learning from which candidates you choose to save, hide and message in Recruiter*
Collaborate with your team by tagging them in Notes and starting a conversation*
Easily share candidate profiles with your hiring manager/client for feedback*

*These features are only available for customers with access to New Recruiter & Jobs. If you do not yet have access to New Recruiter & Jobs, please contact your LinkedIn account team to see when you are scheduled to get upgraded.

The LinkedIn Recruiter app requires a Recruiter or Recruiter Lite account, which is a paid LinkedIn subscription for talent professionals. If you are interested in learning more about LinkedIn Recruiter, please visit:

LinkedIn Recruiter user reviews :

Nice to have, but incredibly buggy. When I review suggested search matches, it frequently backtracks to candidates I’ve reviewed. When I try and add folks to projects, certain pages constantly error out. Functionality is inconsistent with the browser app. Search filter updates don’t consistently save. Basically, it’s a trainwreck. Handy if you want to quickly review your pipeline or send a message.

Filters are never accurate, when I am sourcing and setting the Filters it gives me profiles That have nothing to do with my searches, i hope they can fix it.

Just not done well. Not intuitive and most recent update messed up the messaging portion where I can’t see all of the most recent message because the input text box is in the way, which is probably what the majority of this app gets used for. Massive company with a ton of money but can’t get something simple correct in a mostly text based app. Seriously?

  • Thanks for taking the time to review the LinkedIn Recruiter app. We’re sorry to hear you’re experiencing this. Can you try to uninstall and reinstall the app? We’ve found this works for most. If you’re still seeing this issue, please email us at so we can look into this.

It’s fine to respond to inMails from candidates but other then that not so much. But the worst part is that it is very buggy case in point I can’t even log in and it keeps freezing won’t even take me to the log in screen. Please fix this ASAP Edit: tried reinstalling the app several times, still stuck on the opening of the app and won’t go to the log in screen.

  • Thanks for updating your review. We’re sorry to hear you’re experiencing this. Please email us at so we can look into this.

Many things need to be added. Though it’s better and faster than the web version which is very heavy in loading. We need to be able to see the video intro. responses too, unable to see that. Also the application sorting is pathetic, it doesn’t sort by Datee applied when you click on it, but when you select screening requirement sort, it shows you latest applies, it’s funny.

I think UI can be more user friendly not really refined in my opinion. Also on tablet and mobile I cannot access saved searches or saved pool of candidates which is a nuisance when needing to work on the go. Additionally the disabled rotation is also pretty annoying.

  • We appreciate you taking the time to let us know your feedback! We will be sure to share this with our Mobile team. Thank you.

LinkedIn has made a significant leap with the new Recruiter Lite. I guess you have a lot more to do. Just an improvement idea: you introduced in the mobile app the quick replies. Wouldn’t be nice to have them customizable? I doesn’t make sense to send an InMail in Romanian and then reply in English.

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