Match 22 – Improve your IQ and exercise your brain

[Game] Match 22 – Path To Perfection

Match 22Match 22 is relaxing while challenging puzzle game about matching colors. Improve your IQ and exercise your brain.

Different discs will show up and you have to rotate them to match colors with adjacent discs. During the game flow, you will face vast levels that will test your IQ and make your brain work out!

Match 22 was made to render that strange, yet universal satisfaction that produces order as an elegant, brain challenging and relaxing game, always handily waiting in your phone for when your little itch craves for a little reward :)

Basically, Match 22 combines the best from IQ testing and brain training games to bring you a more simple and enjoyable experience. With the relaxing minimalist graphics, you won’t even notice you are working to achieve perfection! Well, maybe a little :P


Tap the discs to rotate and match colors: Tap, tap, tap!
Flow free through all the 500 levels available
Beautiful minimal design with relaxing music
12 vibrant themes for a customized experience
Runs smoothly over a wide variety of devices
Use solver to complete those difficult levels
Train your brain & improve your visual-spatial ability while playing!

#HINT: You can upgrade to Match 22 Premium to get rid of ads and have access to all the content this game has to offer :D

If you have a little OCD inside you, you may enjoy playing Match 22 :)


My name is Abhinav and I am the creator of Match 22. I want to know what you think! Love it? Please let me know. Like it not so much? Please let me know as well. I want to make Match 22 even better and your suggestions are part of that.

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Made with love and lots of code

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Match 22 user reviews :

Beautiful and relaxing. It is nice to see a new type of match game instead of another bejeweled knock off. If you want to add features, it would be nice to have a button that briefly highlighted any connections that don’t match, to speed things up. A par or star rating and the ability to replay levels. Maybe a second cursor style you can switch between (like in picross games) one for spin and one for lock/unlock so you can keep track of which ones you’re certain are correct.

Very good game when you just want to while the time away. No pressure, stop and start when you like, come back to where you left off and when you press the ll bar right top you get choices to replay or pause and then it leads to menu. Would like a menu button as these choices are not obvious on the play screen, but its just something more to discover :) Looks simple but really good challenges and gentle brain training. Thank you really nice games you have.

Another fine puzzle game from this dev! The tutorial is FANTASTIC! The reason for all caps (and excitement about the tutorial) is that some games have either an incomplete explanation of the rules of the game and how to actually play the game, or none at all. As I’m not a very good mind reader, this is one of my biggest pet peeves! I generally wind up uninstalling the game, particularly if I try to e-mail the dev and get no response! This game is a great puzzle game with GREAT tutorial and dev!!

An amazingly relaxing puzzle game, which does everything right. If I were the type to spend money on gaming, i would absolutely buy the premium version. That being said, the base game still provides 200 levels with no intrusive advertisements that i have come across. (I haven’t actually noticed any ads, but the premium version claims to remove ads as well as unlocking themes and an additional 300 levels). Definitely worthy of the elusive 5* rating. As an added bonus: fits on even a cramped phone

  • Thank you, Jake. ~Abhinav

beautiful and creative. respect to the developer. you can’t just jump in and throw balls or draw lines or kill a dragon. this game takes a bit more concentration to get used to. but once you do, it feels really cool to play around. I want to add that this can be played offline and it is a portrait screen.

I’ve only played a few levels so far but I’m actually quite pleasantly surprised. First the design and music go really well together, helps to create that calming thinking atmosphere, so hats off there. Second the nature of the game itself is quite simple and not overbearing, the player can progress at thier own pace and not feel rushed or timed, it really let’s the player focus and think. Only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is because I haven’t experienced the entirety of the app yet.

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