Merge Girls – Restore peace in the Kingdom of Altrion

[Game] Merge Girls

Merge Girls The longer you play, the more you will want!
Feel the joy of infinite merge! JUST MERGE IT!!

AFK Complete Idle RPG Merge Girls

Organize your investigation team with girls of unique abilities
and restore peace in the Kingdom of Altrion!

The Kingdom of Altrion is under threat of monsters from mysterious portals!
Go on adventures with a team of charming girls to restore peace in the kingdom!

Play Merge Girls:IDLE RPGwith Worldwide Gamers!
June 28th, 2022 Global Grand Open!

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The longer you play, the more you will want! Endless merge-summon system!!!
Merge the Soulstones to summon your own girl!

Grow together with the level-sharing system!!!
Share the girls’ levels through this convenient system!
Try various combinations to your heart’s content!

Diverse stories and easy growth!!!
No complex growth system!
Develop your girls through auto-growth and simple system!

Auto battle system!!!
No need for complex controls! Fight automatically now!
Watch the fancy skills of the girls on the side, too!

Cute and charming SD characters!!!
Feel the lively battle of charming SD characters!

Merge Girls user reviews :

I was curious about the game, but I can’t even play it long enough to get a feel for it. After opening and selecting options from one of the sub menus, the game will freeze and refuse to process anything past the loading circle. It won’t even let me log out because that menu pops up behind the loading circle. It does it even when I connect to WiFi. I would rate it again if I can actually play it.

Simple but fun idle premise. However, the game crashes within minutes every time I open it. A rotating “loading” symbol appears and I am unable to select anything. Not sure I’ll be playing much longer until a fix is implemented. Update: developers put in a fix but the game still crashes, it just takes longer.

Good game,has good art and keeps me busy. The game has a steep difficulty ramp at around episode 12. An issue thats been plaguing players is that the chat breaks the game sometimes when entering it. Some buttons are in what appears to be in Japanese.finally,sometimes the game gets stuck in an infinite loading loop, requiring a restart. If these 3 issues are fixed,it would be 5 star content.Edit: the Japanese button problem has been fixed,but after a bit more gameplay,I found the other 2 issues.

The game is really good, there is only two problems 1. The game is full of bugs which does not effected The rewards you get bit is a bit frustrating 2. I believe this might be a personal problem bit The game does not run smoothly, even tho my Internet works properly The game keeps buffering, freezing and not letting me make certain changes. If it weren’t for these o would have rated 5 stars.

Seems like it’s got very good potential but after I click on more than 3 or 4 things it goes to a endless loading icon and I have good and stable internet (30Mbps) and a very good phone Samsung galaxy s21 ultra. So I know it’s not a problem on my end especially since I’ve tested tons of other games and none of them has any problem. Other than that though it seems like a very great game and I am especially happy with the graphics.

The game is pretty good. My only issue is how frequently the game crashes and trouble with frame-rate, but that may be due to my device rather than the game itself. The game is basically a mix between a dating sim, a merge game, and a idle game. It leans more to the idle game genre more than the others. The merge feature, while necessary, can simply be automated so you don’t have to ever touch it. And the “stories” unlocked for each girl are very linear like a (low quality) visual novel.

I really like the game so far. I can see myself playing this a lot once the initial bugs are worked out. It crashes quite a lot (freezes up on the spinning wheel of the load screens) and it seems to be a huge battery drainer. But I like the concept a lot

Really great game. Recently I’ve been trying to find a good game to play that would keep my attention and I stumbled onto this during the pre-regustering period. I really like the characters and the gameplay and just the aesthetic of the whole thing. I really hope u guys add more people and continue to grow.

It’s fun and cute! Little weird that a Korean developer would have Japanese set as the default language tho Also I keep hitting infinite loading icons which require me to restart the app. It doesn’t ruin it though, and I’ll keep on playing

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