Merge Legions – Get ready to save your kingdom

[Game] Merge Legions – War Battle


Ready for a casual  fantasy adventure involving epic battles, awesome characters, and a whole host of incredible merge puzzle mechanics that combine together to create a truly addictive casual game, guaranteed to test your tactical abilities and attract an army of ardent fans?

Then strap on your armor, summon your army and charge headlong into the exciting world of Merge Legions, where every new adventure is just a single merge away. Download the game now and get merging for victory.


COMBINED FORCES: Your village is under attack, and to defend it you’ll need to amass an army. Start small in this tactical game by merging simple peasants to create hardened warriors, then head into battle to see if your forces are strong enough to win.

JOINED UP TACTICS: The more you merge, the stronger your soldiers become, but remember each merge requires energy and, when it comes to fighting, the number of troops in your army is just as important as the strength of each individual warrior. It takes tactical thinking to apportion your resources wisely for the best outcomes.

A MOTLEY BUT MIGHTY CREW: Your army consists not only of swordsmen, but also orcs, archers, attack insects and—as you progress through the game—mages and other mythical creatures. They can all be merged like-for-like to reach new levels of battle strength and skill.

SPOILT FOR CHOICE: As your ranks swell, you’ll be able to try out almost endless combinations of different troops to make up a winning squad. Keep soldiers in reserve for special occasions or max out a small battle-hardened team of almost invincible warriors. But remember, if they do die in a fight, you’ll have to start again from scratch.

EVERYTHING’S COMING TOGETHER: It’s not just soldiers you can merge in this game, you can also level up armor, weaponry, clothing, potions, portals and much more. If you see two of an object on the board, bring them together and find out what you get. Merging can unlock a whole host of in-game benefits, from extra currency to improved fighting stats to energy boosters that will allow you to merge even more.

KEEP ON QUESTING: Complete daily, weekly and campaign quests to earn even more rewards, with multiple ways to boost your fighting strength, better equip your squad, and expand your resources.

FEELS MEDIEVAL: As well as beautiful fantasy graphics with great character detail and engaging animation, Merge Legions boasts awesome sound design, with stirring music and realistic noises of battle that really bring the game’s medieval world to life.


Get ready to save your kingdom and protect your honor in this awesome and original fantasy adventure. Install Merge Legions now and experience a new level of casual gaming fun that merges the best of fighting and puzzle games into a single addictive and entertaining package.

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Merge Legions user reviews :

The developers are responsible and responsive when bugs are reported. So I’ve updated my rating. The only reason it’s not 5 stars is I had most of the merge board cleared then an update reset my progress. Overall I love the overall game play The game is great when it works. One ofe the latest updates has caused it to stop merging. I can’t upgrade and advance forward due to it. I miss playing the game.

  • Greetings! Remember the bug that bugged you the last time you’d left a review? The good news is that the problem has been solved!We would like to inform you that the problem has been fixed! We will do our best to keep you happy with stable and interesting updates in the future. We sincerely hope that you enjoy the game and reevaluate your score!

Playable again since update. After playing for a while it becomes difficult to find the space to merge. I have also merged the hell out of my troops and am left with nothing more to discover. I do enjoy the game. There are still some niggling glitches but am happy to be playing again. Would love it if more merge possibilities could be added in the future

  • We’re sorry to hear that you’re having this problem! We’d love to help, so please contact our support team at

Amusing. Possible to play ad free, but ads win. Remove ads($) only removes the random ads after fights, but none of the “optional” ads and not healing army. Healing is per unit, not all at once. The arena is a joke; more than double the power of anyone else, but not first, because I haven’t spent enough gems. Quests break at some point. No real way to test which troops for army. Sort sucks without saved configs. Some buildings tell wrong info. More…

  • Hello, and thank you for your feedback! Ads help us make game development, maintenance, and updates free for all users. If you change your mind, we will be delighted to welcome you back!

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