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[Game] Merge Mystery – Logic

Merge MysteryIn this merge game, you need to find and combine items to collect bonuses and solve mysteries.

Test your logic solving skills and become the merge master! All in all, mystery stories are at the core of the game’s design. If you love puzzles and brain training, you will harbor strong feelings towards this one in no time. In a way, you can even become the master chef as you match apple strudel, vanilla cheesecake, and blueberry muffin items to form pairs and triplets!

If solving puzzles and playing logic games is your passion, you will feel right at home playing Merge Mystery. In essence, this is a genre that tests your ability to match magic items like pies, plants, and similar elements to form combinations and unlock hundreds of bonuses. As you travel around the island, you will find plenty of these matching items to form pairs and unlock hidden pieces of merge magic that let you create tools and collect monster sized treasures.

The foreign island country you wander around is full of surprises and stories waiting to unfold, so be brave, explore the island, and expand your plane of existence. Since the gameplay features countless merging games, you will have plenty of opportunities to prove that you’re the true merge master. Therefore, be on the lookout as you traverse the city! A plane or a car may emerge, as well as fish, gardens, and planes, all of which you should be happy to see since you can merge them and thus unlock powerful items to win the game.

As you progress through the adventure, you will encounter challenging merge puzzle games suitable for riddle-solving masters like yourself. Can you give the humble bakery you start with a makeover by combining cooking essentials to bake new yummy delicacies? Don’t be late to the party – you just might miss out on over 25+ delectable bakery treats, from mouth-watering cookies to indulgent triple chocolate cakes!

Game features:
1000+ magical elements to match and evolve
Cooking ingredients to collect and make yummy food
A relaxing walk in the park kind of experience as you match your way to victory
Several epic tales that await the daring explorer

Don’t be idle and take a proactive approach instead, at least if you want to become a respected mayor of your community. Take the right approach, and you will even get to live in a luxurious manor or villa that sits on top of a gorgeous sunny meadow.

How to play:
1. Notice how some boxes have a lightning mark on them? Tap them to get even more powerful items to match and create new ones.
2. Like you’ve grown used to in other merge apps, simply drag the items together to evolve them.
3. Farm the gold coins you can spend on boutique decor to live the life of your dreams.

Merge Mystery will test your skills in challenging levels and story twists as well as a camp puzzle that allows for virtually unlimited customizations. As you group those gems together, can you reach the ultimate form? Make sure to collect those boosters to help you on your way.

If you’re up for playing some merge games and aren’t the type to shy away from a logic challenge, there’s plenty to find in Merge Mystery.

Merge Mystery user reviews :

Love the game. Dont mind the ads. It keeps the game free… but what I cant stand is that after the update, u have added a thing that tells u how much time something completes and how much gems it take to by pass, which pops up after u click on almost anything and it ruins the flow of the game. Im probably going to only handle it for so long before that alone, will make me delete the game. Please fix bc i dont see anywhere, where i can stop that.

  • Thank you for playing Merge Mystery and writing the feedback. We will fix this function in future updates. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding.

Don’t download this game unless you love ADS!! I love my merg games but this one has me deleting it. I have only made it to level 2 and the ads are already driving me crazy. I love the fact that you have a different theme for the 2 boards so far and I would have loved to continue playing. I am not buying the game to cut out the ads, not when I can play other merg games for free and have fewer ads or use the ads to get rewards.

Fun game with interesting objects to merge and locations to advance the storyline. Main drawback is most merged objects start having a coin value only at level four and higher, i.e. after you’ve spawned 16 objects! Lots of room for improvement in this aspect of the game. Thanks.

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