Mergedom – Start from a hall and build a lovely house

[Game] Mergedom – Home Design

MergedomDo you see yourself as the best designer ever?

It’s time to find out and play your favorite genre — home decoration and design!

Mergedom Home Design combines elements of merge puzzle and decoration games. Unlike other merge games, this one gives you its unique design options and complete control over the creative process of decoration and renovation. Bring your expert eye and show off your skills while playing Mergedom: Home Design!

Meet your customers and deliver their orders and explore new tools as you merge! Start from a hall and build a lovely house from scratch or give a home a complete makeover while playing this merge game.

While playing Mergedom: Home Design, you will taste its features.

Merge your items into new tools. There are numerous combinations you can explore!

Your game board has full of surprises and unique items! Discover new and valuable tools by merging your items.

Strengthen your merging skills with the exciting power-ups, use their advantages, and progress faster.

Renovate and design the rooms and give them back their glory! As soon as you finish an area, you can open up a new one.

Challenge other mergers, join the tournaments and events. Collect points, earn rewards, and be the #1 merger!

Download now and play it anytime and anywhere!

Mergedom: Home Design is FREE TO PLAY, and you can play the game while you are OFFLINE.

Mergedom user reviews :

I like the game. It is nice to play but it doesn’t load the recent progress. For example I finish decorating the room and then leave the game the next time I play I have to start decorating the same room again. Also because of this problem my items disappear. That’s annoying. If it continues I will stop playing even though I like it.

  • Thank you for your feedback! Please, contact our Support at support[at] and enclose your Player ID. We will try to figure out what is not working!

After the most recent updates the game is glitchy, ads don’t load, you only get 25 energy when they do load and you have more ad time than you do playing time. And paying only removes the ads between item completion, so of little value. Tech support gives you the canned response of so sorry but sometimes things break, etc. There’ve been no new rooms to decorate for months and the game is so boring now. Finding a different game to play.

I’m constantly losing progress. I’ll load up the game and the room I was already halfway through is empty and I had to start from scratch. I also keep losing items. I came back to play after a couple hours and the items I had made the last time I played were gone, resetting my progress. It was a fine game until that all started happening.

  • Thank you for your feedback! Please, contact our Support at support[at] and enclose your Player ID. We will try to figure out what is not working!

I love playing this game, but I will suggest you find a way to enable one get to the item been provided, rather than starting allover before getting to the final item. Bcos it takes a lot of time and then one runs out of supply.

If you can afford to buy the no ads add on, this game is perfect! Edit: I’m removing 2 stars because it’s been almost a year (or more maybe), since any new rooms or “levels” have been added.

So far i have been enjoying this game to play on my free time but I don’t know if its because of the new update, I feel like I just cleared orders and stop playing, then when I go back to the game, the same orders are back on there again. What i gained by merging is also gone. Is there a glitch? I’m getting annoyed that I have to clear the same orders most of the time.

  • Thank you for your feedback! Please, contact our Support at support[at] and enclose your Player ID. We will try to figure out what is not working!

So far enjoying the game, graphics are great. Little confusing at first but once you get the hang of it not bad. Time consuming to get rewards though.

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