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[App] Mind Detox – Guided Meditation

Mind DetoxPrepare to relax and unwind with Mind Detox, the only guided meditation app for every mood.

Care about your wellbeing as you learn to meditate with a purpose.

Simply select how you would like to feel from the specially designed ‘Mood Menu’ and listen to the instructions.

Develop a relaxed, happy mind for a more confident and successful you.

This app is created by Fiona Lamb – a well known hypnotherapist based in Harley Street, London.

You will be guided through the process of shifting your mindset by an expert in the field. Fiona has personally used meditation to make profound changes in her own life and continues to help others with her passion for mental health. Guided meditation works by lowering your brain activity to a theta state. In this relaxed state, it makes it much easier to make changes to your thoughts and feelings. When you change how you think and feel you can change your life.

TATLER – “Fiona’s approach is thoughtful, gentle and kind”

For our full Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy please visit: www.fionalamb.com/termsandconditions

Mind Detox user reviews :

I love the new look of this app and the ability to set reminders. It sounds so basic but we all get caught up in the daily hustle and bustle and having that reminder to carve just a few minutes out of our day to meditate is much needed! Keep up the great content!

An absolute life changer. I went from being the most cynical sceptic as to the value of hypnosis and meditation, to a regular user – it’s now part of my daily routine, and I honestly don’t know how I managed before. Particularly in trying times like the present, we all need some level of relief and escape, and this method is surely one of the best out there. The full packages are also fantastic value for money compared with similar apps. Thank you, Fiona!

Well, I’m only using this app as a guest so I don’t have access to all the features, but the meditations that are available are really effective. Very soothing.. Also, I love the woman’s voice. That alone relaxes me.

I look forward to the meditations every day, they have helped so much, more than many others I have tried. I feel a positive change in myself after consistent listening and there is a meditation for every mood, situation, and need. I give this app 10 stars.

  • Hi Cheryl, This is amazing and comments like this keep us motivated and inspired. Thank you for your support and leaving the review and we are so happy the app is helping. Keep shining, MD Team x

It’s a really great app, and I’ve found it’s made a real difference for me. It would be ace if you could create playlist of your favorite meditations, as some are quite short. The other thing I’d love is if feeling safe/secure/comforted could be added as a mood

  • Hi Emily, Great idea and this is something we may do in the future. We will make a feel and secure meditation soon and add it in. Hope you like it and feel free to get in touch again. So glad the app is making a difference to you. The MD Team x

Up date has solved problem I had on airplane mode and offline. Very good app. However its a little to much for me when you are on a low wage. But im sure a lot of hard work has gone into this and its on going. Love and peace

  • Hi Martin, Thanks for your feedback. Glad we could help. We are constantly improving and adding new meditations/features so keep an eye out. If you would like any more info feel free to email us info[at]minddetoxapp.org. Love and light, The Mind Detox Team

My favourite meditation app. Really is a game changer and couldn’t recommend enough. Like the way I can choose my mood and how many meditations I can choose from. Really helped me through lock down life!

This is the best meditation app I’ve used. There is such a huge choice and I love the fact that you can tailor the meditation specifically to how you’re feeling and what your objective is. Extremely well put together. Thank you Fiona.

Amazing app and has changed my life. A great go to at any time and become part of my routine. Recommend to anyone who wants to try meditation and make changes to their mindset! Thank you.

  • Thanks for downloading the app. This is incredible news and thank you so much for leaving this. Do let us know if we can help you in any way :) MD Team x

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