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[App] Mind Reset – Just 2 min a day!

Mind ResetTransform your mental wellness in just 2 minutes a day with Mind Reset!

Experience better sleep, a clearer mind, and relief from depression, anxiety, stress, and trauma.

What users are saying:

A powerful, instant and almost miraculous stress buster, this app is phenomenally good! (Maximus Rapturous, Play Store Reviews)
Life Changing! (laundry, App Store Reviews)
I have suffered with anxiety, depression, and PTSD, and this app has gradually brought the intensity of my symptoms down. (chevyz28z06z71, App Store Reviews)
Mind boggling how this works but it does. (Nancy Declerck, Play Store Reviews)
Overcome the challenges of meditation and mindfulness by discovering the fast and effective solution that Mind Reset offers. Based on the Split-second Unlearning model (SSU), developed through 25 years of proven behavioral change work, Mind Reset combines advanced eye-tracking technology with a unique therapeutic approach to bring mental wellness directly to your mobile device.

The key to Mind Reset lies in interrupting the subconscious connection between your mind and emotional memories, allowing your system to clear cached data and restore balance. Experience long-lasting positive effects in a fun, quick, and simple way.

Choose from 6 targeted programs: Stress, Anxiety, Trauma, Fatigue, Insomnia/Sleeplessness, and Depression, plus the Fast Reset program for instant stress relief when feeling overwhelmed or anxious.

Why choose Mind Reset?

Quick and easy: Achieve mental wellness in just 2 minutes a day
Long-lasting effects: Experience positive changes that last
Privacy-focused: No login or personal information required
Affordable and accessible: Mental wellness at your fingertips, whenever and wherever you need it

Learn more about the science behind Mind Reset by reading our academic paper published in the Frontiers Journal:

For additional information on the app and how it works, visit:

Start your journey towards better mental wellness today with Mind Reset – the fast, effective, and accessible solution for a happier, healthier you. Download now and unlock your full potential.

Mind Reset user reviews :

This is the craziest app theory I have ever encountered! But, IT WORKS! I had some doubts but it really works! It is very quick and easy and it will make your stress or sadness just disappear! Absolutely Incredible! For those of us that have suffered extremely traumatic events. it reprograms your brain to stop referring to that memory. You still have all your memories , it just trains your brain to stop dwelling on it. I would highly recommend it for Veterans !!

MindReset does help my anxiety and mood. I’m very excited about it and curious how it works. Pricing has shown up after a few days of free use: $1.99 per use or $7.99 per month recurring subscription. I thought about it a few days. It seemed free at first. I did subscribe monthly and am happy with it.

Loving the free stress exercises. They are giving me joy where only despair was originally there. I can laugh again and not cry all the time over my hopeless situation. It is giving me a clarity to move forward

i have not even had a chance to use the app i was charged $9.99 3 times in the month of j Jan.23 and they are saying i behind on payments also charged Dec22 and Feb23 once they fix this maybe ill try it out as of now seems like a set up

  • Please contact us on our website (mindreset.app). The Play Store controls the subscription process, we don’t have direct access to this, but we will be happy to help in resolving the issue as quickly as possible.

It’s a weird process – a combination of hypnosis, NLP, and eye-tracking technology that reminds me of EMDR – but somehow it does make me feel better. The app did have the occasional bug, but the team are quick to respond and fix any problems, so I feel well looked after. Inspiring.

in the 5 days I’ve had this app and the 5min little excercise it has you do I’ve actually enjoyed it. it always makes me laugh and they do make me feel a lot better also the little motivational quote it has for you at the end is always cute and uplifting as well

I wish there were a couple more programs open for free but I like the idea of this one it give you one free program which is stress and quick reset for free. It’s kind of a cool idea to help you break free of always being a fight or flight mindset. Could use better instructions but I like it.

Not happy. Sure the app seems promising but I cannot afford to pay that much per month. On top of this, if you look away from the emoji, it automatically does it without you looking again, giving a total sense of “this is fake” Wouldn’t trust it, but willing to be proven wrong.

  • Thanks for your interest in the app. Looking away will sometimes respond or not based on various parameters of timing and what happened before it. If you want to learn more about the science behind it check out the science section or our website. Sorry it’s out of your budget, we hope you can continue to enjoy the free available programs.

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