Mine Sweeper – Find all non-ray lattices as quickly as possible

[Game] Mine Sweeper

Mine SweeperMine Sweeper : Classic mine sweeper game, a simple test and exercise game for memory and reasoning skills.

It is divided into three levels: primary, middle and high. In addition, you can choose the number of mines. The goal of the game is to find all non-ray lattices as quickly as possible. If you mine a mine, you will lose the game.

game rules:
1. Dig the corresponding square by clicking on it. If a number appears on the square, it indicates the number of mines present in the eight orientations around it. Then based on this, judge which square to dig next.
2. Select the flag in the button below. After clicking the box, you can mark the box with mine. If you want to cancel, continue to click 2 times.
3. Select Zoom in the lower button to zoom the screen to avoid delays.
4. Click on the smiley icon in the middle to start a new game.

One clip two, one has thunder; two clip three, the heart has thunder; two clip three, all have thunder; two sides, there are thunder; three one, one with thunder; four one, one with thunder.

The mobile version of the mine-sweeping game prepared for you has retained the most classic interface and gameplay, allowing you to return to the classic moment.

Mine Sweeper user reviews :

I like the look and feel but it doesn’t have the question mark option like the classic game. That is really helpful when you get to the higher levels.

This is a tough puzzle. Tougher than other minesweeper games, but it helping me to learn some puzzle logic. Only one thing annoys me, which is when the end game narrows down to a corner where two squares are still covered. At that point it is a 50/50 guess, which is not logic. Is there any way to get the game out of that hole? BTW all minesweeper games that I have played have that problem.

This has been the only minesweeper app I have ever used. I have had it for many years now. It’s efficient and clear. I highly recommend it compared to other apps out there. There are three issues with the app however and I really wish the developers would fix them!! Firstly, the records section never really makes much sense and doesn’t record my times correctly or even in the right difficulty section. The second is that there are times where I will play a specific board and then the next time I open the app to play, the first game is the exact same board. It happened for weeks once and it was fun to see how much of the board I could memorize but it’s an overall glitch. My last issue is the most frustrating. The ads on the app stop my music from playing mid-game. I don’t mind if an ad has noise but it should silence my music when an ad is not being played. For the love of god find a way to fix that. At this point, nothing is going to make me switch to another minesweeper app but there’s room for improvement with this one.

I have played over 100 hours on this game over the past four months, and have recently cleared the difficult board in 188 seconds. I end up spending a few seconds tapping for a flag, and unflagging a flag if I make a mistake, so if the developers were to allow me to specify the time it takes to flag a flag, and i were to be able to make it barely longer than revealing a block, I’d be able to clear the board faster than my current speed potential of roughly 165.

It’s almost perfect as the classic minesweeper that i love. Unless I’m looking somewhere else, I can’t find my name in the stats whenever i win the game. It only shows the best time without any name who’s record won who. Anyway, other than that which isn’t the biggest deal, it’s awesome. It’s the classic minesweeper that I’m addicted to.

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