Misty Continent – Explore the Cursed Island

[Game] Misty Continent – Cursed Island

Misty ContinentBring your torch and light up the path for what lies ahead.

According to old legends, there are seven secret treasures of the sea gods left in the world. They can either unleash terror or bring infinite power. Any one of these treasures can turn a human into greatness, and the one who collects all seven treasures will rule the seas!

Game Features:

Explore the Cursed Island! When you are fighting against ghosts and sea monsters for the buried treasures, vicious pirates will watch your every move and strike when you least expect it, so beware!
Build up your Stronghold! Gear yourself up for dangerous quests in the mist. During the downtime between exploring and treasure-hunting, join your buddies over for dinner and endless beer and drink merrily until the sun rises!
Craft unique Artifacts! Clear all your obstacles by having more treasures and powerful abilities that will aid your treasure hunts
Make Friends Around the World! Gather your army and fight alongside your buddies! Be it on land or at sea, no matter how powerful your enemies might be, your friends will be there for you to battle with until the very end.
A Wealth of Strategies! A resourceful king knows how to calculate, maneuver, and manipulate in order to stay on top.

Misty Continent user reviews :

I just started and there is already an issue. First- the good. Visuals are stellar. Story line is good so far. Seems like it will be easy to progress. Now the issue – I can’t train ANYTHING. Even though it is a task, if i want to complete it, i have to spend gold because there is an error that pops up when you try to train. I really want to like this game but that is a big problem.

Honestly, I never like these type of games. I grew up with Age of Empires but nothing today has ever interested me. But this game I really enjoy. Fairly simple, easy to learn, doesn’t need you to spend real money. The story and premies is cool. I really like it. The only thing I would like to see made available is to be able to zoom out more to see your entire town. Be easier that way to see all the things going on and to see workers if done collecting and see buildings better.

Okay game but not much explanation on what to do after you get past the cutscenes. There should be proper explanation for what each item does, s a newbie wont know what to do with items. Maybe make a parrot buddy for character that can explain each metal, gear and how to use it . Making too many mistakes because I didn;t know cetain rare items have to be saved and spent on all sorts.

Game was advertised as a puzzle solving adventure, not at all what the game actually is. From my point of view, it’s more like your typical MMO war strategy game with a little bit of added single player content and in the first couple of days there was only 3 puzzles which took about a second to solve.

Just started playing the game but so far it’s pretty impressive. Good quality graphics, decently thought out story line, etc. I like how each character has a little bio about them, and some characters have multiple perks as a captain/leader once you upgrade them enough times. Overall good game, would definitely recommend checking it out

“The” best war/strategy game on Google play by far. Great overall graphics, including lord and guard characters, nothing childish or rink-dink about this game. Can be enjoyed, and advance, without investing real money. Very few glitches (all games will have them, their not perfect) Great I interface with other alince members. Transports to other kingdoms to plunder, attack, and perform other challenges. I’ve tried out some of the other war type games and they all fall short to this one.

Very good game, plays well, graphics are excellent, challenges are interesting and different. You don’t have to spend to progress, just slightly slower. Only down point is stamina, there is really no way to earn it quickly in game. But you can still progree

Great game so far Have spent less than $6 and been playing a few months now only a few times a week and still have no issues or complaints. If you build up supplies and join an alliance it’s very easy game to advance in. Helping each other out and sharing rewards and improving the estate and guards stats are very rewarding. Straightforward game and NOT money hungry or PTW like some say. Offer very good and affordable deals with quality awards without being bombarded about it. Solid game

Latest Update :

Added rankings of Gemstone and Equipment Power to player Leaderboards.
Optimized certain interactive features and display of the Dungeon Raider.

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