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MorecastMorecast – Weather Forecast with Radar & Widget is your personal weather companion, that helps you prepare for upcoming Snow Storms, Rain, Heat and other severe weather conditions.


Pinpoint Weather
Precise weather is available at a street-level accuracy for your current location or favorite locations anywhere in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Morecast is backed by global weather forecast data from more than 28,000 weather stations.

Weather Radar
Visualize by the minute precipitation on our weather radar map. Radar shows snow, rain, temperature or lightning layers in real time.

Storm Tracker
Morecast will inform you of upcoming storms including heavy snowfall up to 60 minutes ahead of time.

Customizable Weather Widget
Get automatic updates of the weather situation on your home screen with our beautiful widgets.

Weather Graphs
Visualize any weather situation in our easy to use interface with detailed hyper-local weather forecasts in 24 hour, 3 day and 14 day graphs.

Live Webcams
Preview live weather situations around the world by choosing from thousands of global webcams.

Navigation with On-Route Weather
Morecast offers a brilliant navigation feature to help you decide on the best route around weather conditions.

Weather Community
Be a part of our great weather community and share your weather moments with fellow Morecasters.

Compare weather for two locations side-by-side, so you can always make the best decision.

1. Temperature: in °F or °C for the current temperature, daily maximum and minimum and hourly forecasts

2. Wind: Wind direction and wind speed in mph, km/h or knots

3. Precipitation: By the minute precipitation, storm tracker with rain and snow probability and amount in inches, mm or l/m²

4. Humidity: By the hour in %

5. Cloud coverage: Actual and forecasted cloud coverage in % on graphs

6. Sunshine Duration: The amount of sunshine for today and the next 7 days

7. UV index: Hourly UV index info

8. Sunrise and sunset: Times for the next 3 days

9. Air pressure: In hPa by the hour and for the next 7 days

Morecast is an advanced Android weather app with weather radar providing comprehensive weather data by combining data from the local national weather services and from the Morecast Data Centers. We ensure you have the highest quality of meteorological data available, in order to alert you of upcoming storms, rain, or extreme heat. Morecast also features a community of avid users posting thousands interesting weather-related postings every day.

This free Android app includes the normally paid for features such as hourly weather forecast, weather radar, snow storm tracker, navigation weather, Android Widgets, and webcams. App is fully localized to more than 25 widely spoken languages.

Enjoy the ad-free version of our premium weather app. Purchase now!

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Morecast user reviews :

Often does not load weatth information. Wifi connection strong. Weather data missing!? Thanks for your response. I have tried multiple times closing then opening. My usual final step is to uninstall, then reinstall. This works for a while. Then, I have to do the same. I have re8nstalled the app 3 times in the last 1-2 years. When I get all of the icons active and forecast information, it is my favorite weather app. I love the giew and intuitive nature.

  • Hello, Thank you for your feedback. Could you please close the app completely and restart it and see if that resolves the issue? Kind regards, Nicole Morecast Team

Only just started using this, seems generally good with accurate forecasts. Main issue is long ads which delay me finding what the weather forecast is – you have to watch a full length video and try to find the close icon. I’ve got a lot of apps which include ads – they’re not intrusive. I think you would still make good revenue from lighter ads that don’t get in the way. (FYI, I work for a data science and media company). Update: uninstalled, as got sick of watching the same cat tiktok.

  • Hello, Thank you for your feedback. In order to provide premium weather features for free to our customers, we need to generate revenue from advertising. But we also offer an ad-free version. You can subscribe to this by going to the app’s side menu/remove ads. Kind regards, Nicole Morecast Team

I’ve used the free version for a few years and rely on it heavily even though it’s very often inaccurate by a few degrees. It still gives me a good idea of what’s happening in my area and I’ve always appreciated the large widget which I put on all my phones main home screen. Unfortunately widgets sometimes don’t show when using a custom launcher like DoDol (Line Launcher) though :( I wish I knew how to fix that issue..

  • Hello, Thank you for your feedback. We have forwarded it to our product development team. Kind regards, Nicole Morecast Team

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