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[Game] Mr Autofire

Mr Autofire  Blast aliens!
Find new weapons!
Fight bosses!
Level up!

The fabric of reality is in shreds and monsters are pouring in! It’s up to you to step up to the plate. Bring your biggest gun and your A game, because you’re the… Defender of Everything!

Rampage through levels and shoot the alien scum in the face. Or behind, your choice. Eventually you’ll get yours kicked. Tough. Sucks to be you. But! With the loot you can find, you can get bigger and badder weapons that’ll leave a string of ruined enemies in their wake! By the end, there will be more bullet than air for everyone to breathe.


Mr Autofire user reviews :

Overall this has to be the best mobile game I’ve ever played. It doesn’t shove ads in your face every level like other games. If you step that it will be grind unless you pay it’s pretty fun. And the events help make things more enjoyable. By far, at least for me, the side perspective makes this game a shooter and platformer which adds to the experience tenfold.

This would be an excellent game but fun dies on first day. It takes 5 energy to play a level and die in 3 minutes. Max energy is 20. It takes 8 minutes to regain 1 energy. Do some math and you quickly realize you’ll want to uninstall after a few days as you can only play for 20 mins a day before you have literally nothing to do in game. This would be an awesome game if not for this.

This is a “pay to win” and “pay to play” game, often im fine with the time i can play anyway but i wish there could be a way to pay to get rid of all ads. But what is ridiculous is the prices, over 30€ for some in game items, should be illegal to have prices like this when you can buy a complete game for less, remove a 0 from all prices. Other than that i think the gameplay is quite fun and varied level design. After completing a level i do less dmg, hope that is a bug. No porn ads anymore.
  • Lightheart Entertainment
  • Dear Emil. This is a big issue. We will investigate as much as we can with our ad provider. Please contact us at[at] in case it happens again. Thanks.

Very fun game and well made app but the “energy” mechanic is very annoying. It requires 5 energy to play the game with there being a max of 20 energy. Each energy refreshes over the course of 8 minutes and you die pretty often given the nature of the gameplay. So you can really only play for 20-40 minutes or less and then have to wait nearly 3 hours to play again. I really don’t understand the thinking here this mechanic drives down engagement with the app and by extension ad revenue.

This a Grind style game, you can Grind or Pay. BUT the game is based algorithm is off. You are suppose to shoot what is closer to you, often the game revert to shooting whos farthest from you. As you progress the game gets harder, so the power, weapons, perks, you have at one point. Need to Be Ungraded. When you start competing against other players that plays the game. The Algorithm gets thrown off drastically. So monsters become Super hard to kill, and the movements change. Good Luck!

Gameplay was alright at first. Progression is the biggest problem, though. You have to pay an ever-increasing amoung of credits to upgrade, and are given a random permanent reward. There are 12 of these, one is great, three or four are okay but are so weak that you have to upgrade A LOT before you’ll even notice, and the last eight are just garbage. I’d rather either be able to choose the upgrade or that the entire system be completely reworked.

Game is similar to archero but still unique. Some platforms are like one pixel so you have to land perfectly. A big problem is the targeting. I’m on the 7th dungeon and I still don’t understand the AI targeting. It doesnt target the monster in front of me but the thing far away. Weird. Also the need for coins is so high it is more important than the gems, which i need to pay money for. Upgrade cost are really high for me.
  • Lightheart Entertainment
  • Thanks for playing Mr Autofire and thanks for the valuable feedback!

Latest Update :

Thanks for playing Mr Autofire! This is what’s new:
New Guild Fire Titan: Queen Katla
New Fire Hero: Cole Carbo
Two new Skill Trees: Rampage and Fortune
New feature: Piggy Bank
Guild chat messages when players reach certain milestones
Guild improvements
Easter and Spring events
Reworked the way Outfits work
Added Sanguina to the Tower Tournament Shop

Contact developer :


Video :

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