Murder Case – Are you the next big detective

[Game] Murder Case – Clue to a Crime

Murder CaseHelp us catch the mystery killer before they escape!

Are you the next big detective and can you discover clues and connect the pieces of the enigma better than most? Are you able to make suspects spill their secrets?
Join us in this free-to-play adventure, where you are the cop tasked with solving a plethora of murders and catching the killers.

You play as the detective that is brought in to help solve a bloody and grim mystery – each adventure and quest is in a new city and at a different time. Every tale feels like a true crime story where your investigation skills are key in solving the tasks filled with riddles, puzzles and mind games – almost like collecting clues in an escape room.

Use your magnifying glass and be on the lookout to discover every small detail and clue. The smallest hidden object or a single sentence can help you along in your quest of catching the killer.
Move items or use your blacklight to find hidden objects or blood that the killer has tried to clean off to solve the riddles.

Go through mesmerizing sceneries and chaotic crime scenes very meticulously to turn them upside down. You are in control and you need to collect new clues whatever it takes. Gather all key elements from crime scenes to put together the bigger picture for you to be able to draw the right conclusions.

Are you the good cop or the bad cop? Even the most innocent suspect can turn out to keep the darkest of secrets. Make sure they tell you everything they know and show them how a great detective can make murderers reveal every grim story.

Gather every single piece of amazing puzzles and put them together to see the full picture. With patience you will see things from a new angle and be able to draw strings between each object and location you collect to get the answer you are looking for for each riddle.

A murder might often seem impossible to solve at first – but a killer always leaves a trail from the crime
It’s only a matter of time before you find them… If you play your cards right, the criminal won’t be able to escape you.

Play exciting puzzle mystery minigames
Each story is a new enigma with a twist and new riddles
Find and collect evidence with your magifying glass
Interrogate suspects to reveal the killer
Play through multiple thrilling stories
Navigate to locations on the interactive map
Collect information from suspects in each case
Get the feeling of a real cop or detective

Join us today and solve what others can’t! Don’t let them escape!

Take the challenge and download for free now! The game can be played offline without a connection while you are on the plane or on the subway.

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Murder Case user reviews :

Great game and story line. But sucks that you can only play 2 parts to a 3 part series before you’re pushed to wait 20 hrs or pay to unlock the next part. Also you have to play the stories in order to unlock the next one. So you are kind of forced to play ones you may not want to play in order to get to one you do want.

  • Hi Krizzeh, thank you for the review! The game is in very early release and we are only testing a few things currently so there are not too many stories. We hope to use your feedback in a future update

I like this game a lot. Very chill and story based, perfect for bedtime. It reminds me of the old CSI computer games I used to play, but simpler. Maybe in future, cases could be a bit more interactive like the csi games were?

I like the strategy of this “whodunit” game, except you have to either wait for 23 hours to unlock the next case or pay .99 which is ridiculous, and also if you try and exit the game, then the whole game won’t ever be saved. You have to start all over from the beginning! I can’t even unlock The Sins of the Father. I had to uninstall the game.

I don’t think it’s very fair that you complete episode 1 but can’t play any of the other episodes without paying.. I wish like other games that you can use either ads or pay for them.. this is why I’m giving 2 star rating even though I absolutely loved the first episode

  • Thank you for your suggestions. We will recommend them to the related department.

Needs to have option to have audio. I’m often with tired eyes and can’t see to read always.

  • Hi there, awesome suggestion! We really want this game to be accessible for all. I will pass it on to the team for you!

I’m just starting, but I enjoy the mood of this game so far. I am excited to see what’s next! Also, if it’s really good, I will be looking forward to more content.

  • Super fun so far. Really feel like I’m living an episode of law and order lol

So far, it’s a really great game. Curious to see if it’s gonna turn into a pay to play but I love it so far!

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