My Little Pony Rainbow Runners – Restore the colors of the world

[Game] My Little Pony Rainbow Runners

My Little Pony Rainbow RunnersMy Little Pony Rainbow Runners : Run, jump, fly and restore the colors of the world with all your favorite ponies!

Budge Studios™ presents My Little Pony Rainbow Runners! A powerful color-stealing spell has been unleashed on Ponyville and it’s up to your favorite ponies to break it with the power of Friendship! Run, jump, awaken your ponies’ Rainbow Powers and use their epic abilities to bring the colors back to the world!


PLAY exciting missions all over Ponyville!
RUN to close the color-stealing portals, one platform at a time!
JUMP, FLY and SLIDE to avoid obstacles, holes and muddy puddles!
TRANSFORM your ponies into their epic Rainbow Power form!
COLLECT Pony Power and upgrade your ponies’ Rainbow Powers
EMBARK on a personal quest with each pony

PRINCESS TWILIGHT SPARKLES: Clears the way of obstacles with her Magic Blast
PINKIE PIE: Jumps higher than ever with her Mega Bounce
RAINBOW DASH: Dashes and smashes through obstacles with her Rainboom
RARITY: Attracts Pony Power with her Magnetic Personality
APPLEJACK: Turns obstacles into apple sauce with her Apple Strike
FLUTTERSHY: Glides gracefully over and above anything with her Super Flight

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My Little Pony Rainbow Runners user reviews :

This is a good premise, but the spending real money to unlock other ponies kinda hurts it a little. If you could unlock the pony after completing a certain stage I feel that would be more rewarding than spending money to get them. Other than the animations being a little lack luster (mainly, the wings are out of place, and the falling animation could use a little tweaking to make it look more like the pony is ready to hit the ground.) this is a quite nice, albeit simple, game. l

The game is fun and I would’ve given it a higher rating if it didnt make you have to buy 3 extra characters to complete the map. And it’s just weird to me that even when your not playing as Twilight shes still talking in the game. Shes the only voice in the game.

this game is great!! dont like that it costs real money to unlock all the ponies but eh. The game is lots of fun and reminds me of when I used to watch the movies. I did beat the game fairly quickly but now I’m playing harmony quest. I can only think that you should add more instructions because I just learned that I have to activate the power ups.
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