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[Game] My Zombie Wife

My Zombie Wife

Weirdest game ever!

My wife and I just got married, and we supposed to have a happy life forever . However, one day, viruses infected the world, the majority of people have become zombie. Unfortunately, my wife, she has turned to zombie as those infected people. What should I do for saving her? With various materials and thousand times of research, I I believed that I can create a vaccine to get her back to normal eventually.


Attractive and special gameplay
research the vaccine and feed the zombie wife to collect her different forms
Several ways to create cure medicine
break everything on the street for collect the vaccine materials
Talk to NPC in game
find out the hidden hints and clearance tips from chatting
Upgrade character and cart
get stronger weapons and skills to defeat other zombies

My Zombie Wife user reviews :

Game’s really good. Great gameplay , a bit slow but the main issue is the reloading part . I have only played the game once so far and i love it but it seems to crash after the first time you do run the game and it doesn’t seem to save data very well , is what I assume. I really hope it’ll be fixed ASAP and i would love to complete it once the reloading problems have been fixed

I played this years ago and I installed it again. I’m a little disappointed that nothing change :( hope devs add more features like; decoration in the underground base/ house, pets, errands/ mission/ quest/ tasks, plants that can be used to make vaccines or potions for power ups, etc. etc…

It’s a good Mobile game. And I understand that the developer needs to receive for it, but interrupting the gameplay with an ad is just disrespectful and annoying. There are better ways of profiting that doesn’t throw an ad right at your face while you’re playing.

This game has 8-bit graphics. I am OK with that. Your main character has to live his daily life while researching a cure for his zombie wife. Cure needs pills & coins. Simple story. Except that the pills are produced very slowly & a large quantities of them are needed to be near to the final cure. However, the coins are produced faster. So, you have to scrounge around for parts to upgrade the pill maker & hope that the production increases. Too slow for my liking.

5 for graphics …. But the game doesn’t really work on my oneplus 5 … After I open the game it shows the story and then closes automatically .. please do look into it … Its a potential 5star game

I realy love the game but when i download it and start playing this game i finish the story then it dosen’t work pls fix this if you fix this i will rate it 5 star

Keeps crashing on my samsung m20 please fix i was really interested enough in this game to make a purchase but it keeps crashing.

This app is the greatest pixel game I ever played but terarai is also good but the adventure the saving of his wife is so good and her wife herself take many forms while being cured best game ever u must download it

When im reading the story in these game and when the tutorial appear i cant move and crash the game plzz fix these

I really like this game but I had it for 5 minutes and uninstalled it it was just confusing BUT I really like the concept of the game and I like the style

This game is a trick when i install it i cant play it idk what to do so i uninstall it and install it again but it dint work

This game is great! But there is one thing that you have to fix. Can you please let me play this game without an internet connection?

I remember playing this game back when it was called: good morning, zombie!

This indeed a weird game but the best zombie game and not so scary

My wife isn’t a zombie anymore. Now she’s a golem. Very fun game by the way.

Game is fun, but I am level 5 on day 3, when I exit the game, and go back in again, I am still lvl 5, but it is day 5. I exit at day 3, but I enter it is day 5.

It’s new and fresh. Keeps me entertained from time to time

i like the game however, I can’t find how to login and save my progress

I like this game install now because its so fun

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