Mystery Matters – You never know where something may be hiding

[Game] Mystery Matters

Mystery MattersA small city lived a quiet life until a curious archaeologist crossed paths with a tough detective. Perhaps life in this small city hadn’t been so dead after all?

Kidnapping, murders, secret societies, new viruses, and time loops—just a few of the challenges you’ll navigate in solving crimes with our characters!

The old mansion is full of mysteries. Solve them while renovating the mansion and the garden! And don’t forget to swing by the local clinic, the police department, and the museum. You never know where something may be hiding. Find hidden items in scenes, beat three-in-a-row levels, play mini-games, and solve mysteries together with the characters of our game! Watch romantic stories unfold and love triangles form. The citizens are ready to fight tooth and nail for their love!

Game features:
Be amazed. The three-in-a-row levels are breath-catching!
Search. It takes a sharp eye to find all the hidden items!
Investigate. Tangled crimes are waiting for you!
Decorate. Not just the mansion and the garden, but the whole city!
Solve. You’ll never get bored with the mini-games and puzzles!
Make friends. Use our social network pages to get acquainted with the game characters and make new friends!
Breathe. The city’s mysteries make you lose your breath at times! But you’re up for a challenge, aren’t you?

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Mystery Matters user reviews :

The storyline is good. Amazing graphics. They are pretty stingy with moves in the match 3 portions of the game, not to mention, there’s a lot more match 3 puzzles than finding objects. They’re also pretty stingy with the coin awards, especially when they want a 10+x that amount for 5 more moves. That’s why I gave it 4 Stars. They need to equalize the amount of find objects and match 3 games. Also, increase the coin winnings or decrease the amount required to get 5 more moves.

  • Hi, Sherri! Thanks a lot for your feedback. We’re glad to hear you’re enjoying the game and will pass your suggestions to the development team. Have fun playing

Fun game. But it becomes boring when the game makes it difficult at any chance to win. I’ll give it a few more goes then uninstall if I continues. Difficult levels with unrealistic number of tries to beat the level is what I’m talking about. Even if I take a break and come back. Can’t win with a little bit of tries. They want you to spend money on the game I guess.

  • Thanks for your feedback. I want to assure you that we never force our players to make purchases in the game. Our goal is to encourage players to practice, improve their attention, and develop the best strategies to succeed in the game. You can beat any level within the number of moves given and without making purchases.

Game is fun, puzzles are too easy. The game has levels that are impossible to pass without paying or playing the same level several days until the algorithm lets you win, which takes the fun out of this and makes it very frustrating. I’m almost ready to delete. It’s a shame because this could be alot of fun with a cool mystery story. Too bad developers don’t get that.

  • Hi! Some Match-3 levels can seem quite challenging, however, none are impossible to pass. All you need to do to win is to check the game field carefully and plan your moves beforehand. Your rewards for hard and super-hard levels are significantly bigger, too. These tips will help you get through tricky levels: Good luck!

Like most Playrix games they can be fun to play, but they make it almost impossible to gain ground the further you level up. Very little coins when you win anything, and the harder it gets, the more they put the option up to buy coins. I’ve noticed with their games, Gardenscapes included; they make it extremely difficult at times and take away items that help you win levels. I’m not rich, and I can’t help make you guys richer.

  • Hi, Alisha! Thanks for your feedback. If you get stuck on a difficult level, don’t worry! Taking a break and coming back with a fresh mind and a new strategy can make all the difference. We recommend checking out our tips for beating challenging levels in our FAQ.

Great game and fantastic storyline! But not sure what happened in the past 2 1/2 days… Every level I pass, I have to completely reload the game to go onto the next level. Regardless of what icons I click on, none work. Update: still occasionally happens, but not nearly as often. The storylines are worth it!

  • Hi, Kimberly! Please contact us from the game settings, and we will be glad to assist you further. See you there

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