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nds4droidnds4droid : Finally, a free, open source Nintendo DS emulator for Android.

nds4droid is a free Nintendo DS emulator. It is still in it’s infancy but supports many features you’d expect like save states, sound, and OpenGL rendering.

The nds4droid FAQ can be found here: hxxp://jeffq.com/blog/nds4droid-faq/

Unlike other DS emulators nds4droid does not not violate the GPL, and it’s completely open source.

Unfortunately, Nintendo DS emulation is still somewhat slow, even on higher end phones, but we’ll continue to make improvements :)

Project website: hxxp://nds4droid.com

nds4droid user reviews:

Love the new sideways view now but every game i play dosent work or a get to a part and it freezes plz fix

Nice update!! I like the new controls and how the buttons are on the bottom screen and more options and settings! Now that u got all that now its time for some speed and compatibility updates :-)

Sweeeet update, its a little faster, the control editing is phenomenal! We just need better speed improvement but besides that excellent job!

I like the new setting to move buttons anywhere on the screen, however an alignment feature would be nice. For example, if you drag the “touch” button near a corner of the screen, it would line it up for you. By the way, control transparency is just the dpad with 0 and 100 under it. Nothing to let you adjust.

This is an awesome update! 5 stars man, I can’t wait for the next one.

So far,this is the ONLY emulater thats been able to run a game at a decent speed with sound on. Hoping ill be able to play my favorite gamea nd not have to buy a diff gaming system for it lol. Great job dev. Keep up the great work.

On the way to 5 stars. Its just not there yet. lag and saves need to be fixed. It would be cool if there was a way eventually to fast forward the ROM or add cheats like n64oid or vgba

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