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[App] Night Owl – Screen Dimmer

Night OwlNight Owl enable you to reduce the brightness of your device screen lower than you can achieve with the default settings in order to avoid eye strain or headache in a dark environment or at night.

If you have an AMOLED display, you can also save battery!

Screen Dimmer: Adjust the backlight brightness lower than default
Automatic Start and Stop: Start and Stop the service at a specific time
Blue-Light Filter: Reduce the blue light to protect your eyes. Blue radiations can cause insomnia .
Advanced Filter: Adjust Red,Green and Blue value of the filter

Night Owl user reviews :

Does what its supposed to but…. The app’s interface and ease of use is great….but maybe somehow reduce the resources it takes to run… A bit more than 20mb/of resources is a bit to much for an app which does 1 thing…. I have social media apps who use about 10-15mb of resources (+Me and my friends also so a negative change in battery life) I think the app could improve on that factor.

The only app I tried and I’m sticking with it Installed this just for trying. Not only this works great, it increases battery life as well. My screen s default brightness is way high even at minimum. It works like a charm and increased the battery life by 2-3 hours (2 week observation). Worth trying. Only thing I can suggest to the developer team is that if they could provide this program as widget only mode and reduce the widget size for aesthetics, it would be great. Cheers

Simple and easy to use Does what it’s meant to, simple to use, and has a nice notification icon on notification bar. However, the widget design can use some improvement (perhaps make it more like the notification icon). My only real gripe is the persistent auto-start notification on the lock screen- can there be a way to remove this?

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