Nightmare Gate – You begin in a tense moment

[Game] Nightmare Gate

Nightmare GateImagine pure horror in a world where just making a sound will cost you your life.

You begin in a tense moment, a noise in the dining room forces you to sneak out of your room to discover that beings from hell are kidnapping your sister. The adventure begins here.

Here begins your journey into the depths of hell, survive in a game of terror surrounded by demons and nightmares.
Any mistake can cost you your life and scare you to death.
Are you ready to live the ultimate experience of a horror and nightmare game at the door of the nightmare?
Delve into the depths of pure terror, move stealthily, you won’t stand a chance in this free scary game and find out where the creepy hell ends.

With your battle pass you can save your progress and get more coins to advance in the story mode.
Enjoy IndieFist’s latest offline horror game and write your suggestions and comments, we will be happy to introduce you to more features.

Nightmare Gate user reviews :

It actually seems like a decent game, but unfortunately I can’t play. My joystick keeps getting stuck preventing me from being able to run. I don’t understand why, pls fix this issue, I’ll give game another try if u do

Thank you for making such an amazing fun game. Not boring , but very cool and fun. i will support your games and i love your graphics. and one more thank for you , for making such a awsome game. love this game. hope you reply this message.

High likability! I enjoy the originality of the game. Controls are comfortable, graphics are good. Appreciated the checkpoints for saving and the interesting ways to hide/explore. While not terrifying or scary, the concept is still eerie. I like and favour the new “Battle” update too. Definitely looking forward to the next installment(s)! Hoping for a lot more. Altogether, a recommended game to try.

This game is honestly an amazing game. The story is really good and the best part about it is that there’s battle mode! I’ve got some ideas for future updates for the game. 1. Add an option to change the main menu music to the old music or the new main menu music. 2. Add nightmare mode, you can’t hind, enemies run super fast, they hear everything. 3. Add Some more voice acting. 4. Add an option that says add more puzzles, you will have to do more puzzles in story. That’s it. Good job on the game

This is a good game but when it says and as is coming it just freezes I’ve tried opening it and closing no difference please fix this used to love this game

I like the concept of arena mode ! The graphics, controls , storyline everything is awesom , puzzles are so much good love the story mode , just waiting for the last chapter

This game is the best I play it all the time ,, I love the vibes for example that cutscene where the demon is watching you in parents room is excellent and scary which is what I like about this game , game deserves 5 stars , however 1 request is that there should be an option for 3d controls so we can actually see our character and that’s all I am looking forward to your respond!!

  • Thank you very much for playing and rating us. Wait for next update with the final chapter

Oh! the game is finally out iam so waited for this game for so many days and the game is nice but the game has a little bug my phones ram is 1GB so the game does little hangs it needs a little improvement but the games other features are great thanks for the game Indiefist.

Terrifying. i love this game make more games like this more horror with all types of modes like practice . Easy . Normal and all more exciting more fun to play when its has the most horror realastic graphics and more fun without ads .. make more games like this upgraded .. …

I love this game, it’s so fun to play. But I wish it had a lot of chapters though that would be alot fun to play.

  • Coming soon multiplayer mode

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