Ninja Must Die – Push yourself to the limits

[Game] Ninja Must Die

Ninja Must DieA splendid visual feast with MAX immersion

Ultimate speed and delightful combat running
Intense legends of the ninja world
Social experience with warmth and love

Game Features

Our game features an ink wash painting visual style. All Ninja realm’s landscapes are full of vitality. Immerse yourself in this ink world and enjoy a lingering refreshing sense of combat.

Ninja, Samurai, Oni, and the upheavals intertwine behind a deep intrigue. As a young ninja, you are obligated to fight against the boss and solve the puzzles to reveal the truth of Ninja Realm.

Push yourself to the limits throughout whimsical stages;
Fight against Bosses with exclusive skills;
Confront challenges together with skillful Ninja and ignite your passion;
Equip Weapons and Relics to strengthen yourself;
Enjoy tactic multiplayer combat running experience.

Ninja Realm is one full of love and warmth;
Run alongside bunches of like-minded friends and help each other out;
Join with clan members to fight against Bosses and reap abundant rewards;
Become a master and help your apprentices better survive in the Ninja Realm.

Background Story

300 years ago, Oni from the Oni Domain opened the Rasho Gate and invaded this land. In the blink of an eye, the earth collapsed, and the people of this land plummeted into the abyss.
In order to rebuild the homes of the people and restore peace and order, the two heroes built this country together, the Land of Sunbreak. One of them became the Supreme Ruler of this new land and became known as the Samurai Daimyo. The other went on to protect this country from within the shadows and has disappeared from the public eye ever since.

As for now, the Samurai, the ruling class, had for years fallen into decadence by their greed for power. Scared of the mighty power of Ninjas, they potted and schemed to bring the Land of Sunbreak to the brink of war. Even the Oni sealed hundreds of years ago are now starting moves busily for action.

As a young Ninja, you will witness the centuries-old feud between the Ninjas and the Samurai, confront the mysterious Onis in the dark, meet a rebellious genius ninja in an infinite spiral of destiny, and uncover the suspense and conspiracy by your own hands…

The new era of blood and fire is coming soon, is your ninja spirit ready to burn?

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Ninja Must Die user reviews :

Oh boy what a game. I had pre-registered it as the graphics looked cool but it’s so much more than that. The game is fluid as hell. It doesn’t hang or lag and consistently delivers. The game is easy to pick up, fun to play, has the right amount of grind and has pretty good rewards for a F2P player. The levels are beautifully designed and the skill system is also very well made but not too complex. Honestly it’s a must try. Good work devs!

Fantastic game with an excellent plot; new chapters released periodically. There’s serveral different game modes where you compete with other players and/or work together with them to overcome bosses/other clans of players. There also new in-game events. You get more out of the game by paying for perks, but it’s also possible to play and develop your account free. The game becomes fairly challenging in later chapters and progressively requires more skill to overcome.

This game is the perfect example of a high-quality product, something all mobile games should strive to achieve. I would gladly pay to continue the support on development and future updates since the developers were sensible enough not to bombard us with ads whatsoever, only passion and love for their project.

Ninja Must Die is a very fun game, and I cant really find any flaws in it. The controls are good, and is very well made. The only thing I dislike is that if you dont have an internet connection you cant play. Of the developers were to add an offline mode, like the race feature for offline play, I would give this 5 stars. Because of that limit, I can only give it 4. But it is still a very fun game regardless. Definitely something tou should check out at least once.

Awesome! Other than the lags and the occasional log out from the game(since my phone has low space) the bgm, plot, graphics and competitions are top-tier. Gives me Ninja Arashi vibes. Jades maybe not affordable, but saving them as a full f2p gives me a sense of satisfaction. A bit of luk is required to obtain better weapons. Using irl currency is just an option, not mandatory. Loved the training place, gives the required speed to dodge/tackle obstacles. Such apps are better than copy-paste ones.

Bro, this is best simple but hard game i have ever played. There are only two main buttons, Up and Down. Even tho, the control is so simple and easy, the game is real tough. There are so much different types of modes you can play and that’s the reason you’ll never bored. Yeah, this game is kindof pay2win but if you have patience and skills then this game for you. One more thing i would like add is this game animation quality is so superb.

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