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[App] Note to Self – Private Notepad

Note to SelfCompletely private notepad. All your notes, password protected, stay on your device and don’t get transferred to any server. You can create offline backups and store your notes safely, wherever you want.

Chat like interface, making it one of the simplest notes app for Android. You won’t know for sure how good note making in chat format feels until you give it a try.

One of the best apps of 2022 – Sam Beckman, Tech Youtuber

“…the chat format for note taking is very convenient… overall, Note to Self is a wonderful note taking app…” – Gadgets Gig, Tech Youtuber

“…it often takes something very special to make them stand out. Note to Self has done just that…” – Sam Beckman, Tech Youtuber

Features you might like:

Resize text
Search notes
Privacy focused
Chat like interface
Light & dark theme
Text, image and voice notes
Offline backups and restore
Safety using biometric lock

More features are coming soon!

Connect with developer on Twitter @tanujnotes for regular updates.

Thank you and have a wonderful day!

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Note to Self user reviews :

I really enjoy this note taking app. It’s like you’re having a conversation with yourself. Great for brainstorming. There are only a couple of things I wish it had. The first being the ability to hook up to a Gmail account, for example, and automate back ups. Second, the pictures of the app in the Play store look like dark mode is truly dark mode, where it’s AMOLED friendly. When I set mine to dark mode, it’s actually dark navy blue. Third, I wish I was able to change to color of each category.

  • Hi Alexis, all these features will be available in future updates. Stay tuned and thank you for the review!

Absolutely, you deserve it, I’ll buy it. — C’mon man, finish this awesome start to a great concept. WE need categories/folders, sorting, font sizing and being able to name the backup file before it’s saved. 3 stars because you said you were going to update it!?!? I realize you may be busy haha but 3 stars might get your attention and motivate because it’s not done yet.

  • Thank you! I’m currently busy with another app called PROlauncher. But I’ll get back to this soon. Stay tuned.

The lack of ads and the philosophy of pushing back against an increasingly advertisement-filled world and commodifying user data make this app fantastic. Also, UI is clean, the app works well, and the unique “messenger” style works well without sacrificing editability/it’s use as a notepad. Definitely going to look into sending the dev(s?) a donation to show my appreciation.

  • Thank you very much!

This is a really useful app for jotting quick notes on a subject, and especially for me while using speech to text dictation. It sets up note books which look like text bubbles in a messenger app, and is such an intuitive way to handle thoughts or items on a list. I open it, click the mic, and start talking. When I’m done I basically send it like I would with a text message and it creates a bubble which is easily recognizable and easy to differentiate from other ideas on the same subject.

  • Hi Chris, thank you for this wonderful review. Very much appreciated. If you have any feedback or feature request, feel free to let me know.

Very nice app! The only things I would add would be a default category and a way to control the coloring assigned to the categories and rearrange them. Plus, I would have a way to make my default category open upon app launch and sync between devices. Otherwise, I love this app for quickly getting down thoughts in my mind! Would be happy to pay one time or annually for a premium version!

  • Hi Karl, thank you for the detailed feedback. We’re already working on new features. Stay tuned and thank you for using our app.

I fell in love with this app. it is similar to a text message. With this app you can organize each text with a title and add ideas throughout the day or whenever and it logs the date and time of each App Request * I love this app – I wanted to ask if you could make it where there are groups. So it is more organized. For example a group for family and then we do our notes related to family – a group for work and notes on that group for work, etc … I think this would be amazing !!!

  • Hi Alisha, thank you for the review. Most users at the moment have 10 or less note groups so this feature is not urgent. But as people use it for longer periods, I believe they will need categories and that’s when I’ll add them. Stay tuned and thanks again.

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