Ocean Dream – Tap a creature and you will get information about it

[App] Ocean Dream

Ocean Dream  Dive into the blue ocean, relax, and enjoy watching the scenery!

Use swipe gestures to change your viewpoint and to look around.
The auto camera focuses on points of interest, allowing for your complete relaxation.

Tap a creature and you will get information about it.

Unlock the Full Version to disable ads and add more creatures.

Please note that Ocean Dream is free to play and thus ad-financed.

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Ocean Dream user reviews :

It’s an awesome game and I even bought the full version but i really just want a little more animals and being able to go deeper and seeing animals like the fangtooth

It is cool, plz add a deep water zone that includes the viper, dragon and angler fishes

I would like you to add being able to go to different places in this app. Also, when you do it, add giant squid, angler fish, and other deep sea creatures, and make them only in places where you can’t see the surface at all to make it more realistic. I also really want you to make a pherstoric version of this app and include megalodon, lipuradon sea monster, and pleisasurous sea monster. Make full version unlock sarcosucas crocodile and predator X sea monster. Name the app Pherstoric Ocean Dream

I’d like an option to invert the up/down controls. As the controls are now, I’m just getting confused and really struggling to look at things. Also, I think the humpback whale’s animation is playing in reverse.

Hi! I love the ocean and want to be an oceanographer soon. I would love it if you added other places in the ocean such as coral reefs. You could also add turtles and mythical creatures. If you do or don’t, I love your app and it is great for relaxation. Thank you for your time.
  • BitBros Inc.
  • Please consider our game Fish Farm 3 to enjoy turtles and the like.

I like the sounds but you only see like 4 kinds of fish.I would like if the screen is in a reef or at least show more fish,sharks and mammals.If this is in the app I would like the app.

At the new update please add sailfishes and coral reefs cause no tropical fishes and coral reefs makes me bored

I love this game it is amazing i am only 9 but i want to be a marine biologist when i grow up. The only thing is that i wish i could move around.

Paid for the full version and it never gave it to me. It said I didn’t purchase it.

I like it but its not that fun or relaxing this game is good and bad at the same time

It’s nice, imagine there’re mermaids or lochness or THE KRAKEN or other myth creatures THO~~~ WHEEZES. But I agree with the others. +Different type of sea. +More animals. Like narwhal, penguins, giant squid, porpoise, sea turtles, deep sea fishes, coral fishes, etc. This app would be a great relaxing & educational app with updates!

Gotta love this game!! I can unlock the additional animals for a low fee. Please make more animals such as prehistoric fauna, more sharks and rays and deep-sea fauna like giant squids, coelacanths and oarfish. Also, make a world map where we can explore different marine biomass around the world like Raja Ampat, Liancourt Rocks, Arctic Sea, Mariana Trench, Aliwal Shoal and Caribbean Sea

Love it, I just wish their we’re more sea animals. Plus let THEM EAT EACH OTHER! Not weird I think everyone enjoys gross stuff to…. I think…

The cool colors, stats, and my favorite selection of animals such as the whale shark or mola mola make this a personal favorite. You can also unlock MORE animals for just $0.99 Great app, just what I wanted.

it just needs so you can move and and make evreything free and angler fish or tresure or an option to go now or prestoric. otherwise its good.

I adore it me and my mom love it but add more animals like small fish or squids and crabs at the bottom and also please add a survival game along with it like you can choose observation mode or survival mode where you have a flashlight and a knife and you have to kill fish to eat and stay away from sharks they can kill you and jellyfish too!(yes that means add jellyfish and maby sea kelp) that’s really it thank you!

Awesome can’t wait to show it to my friends I would like the animals eating stuff butt not in a gross way

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