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[Game] Odd Eye

Odd EyeOdd Eye is the story of a girl who has different colored eyes.

Find the hints and solve the puzzles while changing the world. Find the only right path the heroine has to take.

The odd-eyed girl is the only person left in the world. As the loneliness in her heart grows deeper, she sets out on an adventure to find the truth about the world that has been forgotten.

Help her run away from the world fantastic like a beautiful fairy tale and horrible like a nightmare at the same time.


Harmonious combination of arcade, adventure, and puzzle elements
Realistic physics for objects in the game
30 addictive stages that will keep your hands on the phone
Elaborate puzzles that will make your brain spin
Exquisite 3D animations made with Unity Engine
Dreamlike and surreal experience with highly immersive visuals and audio
Various levels uniquely designed

Use the Odd Eye Power to switch worlds and watch the changes closely
Solve puzzles keep changing according to situations by using Odd Eye and overcome obstacles to survive.
Find 5 Keys to open hidden rooms and collect Stars.

‘Odd Eye’ is the best-quality indie arcade & adventure game available on mobile devices.

Fight against your destiny while exploring both of the worlds – bright and dark.

Download and play this amazing game with beautiful epic story right now.

Contact Us: theandgames2018[at]gmail.com
Fanpage:  www.facebook.com/TheAndGame

Odd Eye user reviews :

Fun mechanics, nice graphics. However, it’s so wildly easy to die, even if it’s one pixel too close. Naturally, in a game like this you tend to die a lot in the timing or what to do. But all the ads very much take the atmosphere out of the game. It wouldn’t be so bad if there was an ad after the puzzle. I understand they help the game. But, then while you’re trying to figure everything out, and you’re forced to watch one or fully restart. That’s my only qualm, the ad system is too distracting.

I have w few problems. First, then adds: Whenever i die I either have to start over or watch an add (This is also annoying when I’m near the end and just got by something really hard). Also when I start a game an add pops up. This ruins the mood of the game. Second, the levels: I don’t know if it’s just me and my friend but once I completed level 9 it won’t let me go to level 10. This is the same with my friend but she can’t go to level 4. This might just be us I don’t know tho.

Puzzles are simpler than they seem. There’s ads needs to start every level, and if you die 3-7 times in a row then you either have to restart the level or watch an ad to continue. If you’re stuck, you can watch an ad to get a hint. Obviously there’s a lot of ads, which I don’t really mind, but it can be annoying because you can’t start the game if you don’t have a signal or wifi on. Some complaints I have; On some jumps you need to reach the very corner and there isn’t any explanation 4 puzzles.

The game is amazing. Its the first game I decided to buy. The gameplay is immersive, the controls are great, and the little bit of music that there is is amazing. The ads get annoying after awhile but tend to be spread out enough. Also some bugs in the game like glitching through a floor or, like in level 10, dying on a moving platform and still moving after having respawned. Otherwise, the game is amazing. Would recommend.

I do have 3 problems with this. 1 The controls a good but they seem stiff and seem like they have very low sensitivity. 2 The graphics are another one of my problems. It seems good but yet the graphics added with the way the controls work just make it seem like the controls of this game are not good. 3 Collision isn’t good. I bump into an object but it merges me with the ground a that causes death. I don’t know if this is part of the making of the game (collision) but it’s not good. Please fix

  • Hello Jaiden.P. Sorry for the late reply. First, you can change the controls in the main menu settings window. The situation where the character falls to the ground and dies is looking for a cause. But don’t worry, your character’s lifespan won’t be deducted. We are still a beginner indie company. We will try more.

It’s buggy, you can fall through the floor. And at one stage, I jumped into the roof of the cave and couldn’t get down. Sometimes swim controls don’t work. But despite this, I’m loving the game. It has enough logic puzzles to keep me interested, but not too hard that I get frustrated. I bought the game because i was sick of ads, and I had to start again, which was annoying.

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