Ode To Heroes – Lead your heroes to adventure throughout the history

[Game] Ode To Heroes

Ode To Heroes  Seek for truth in the world of Ode to Heroes, and waken potential heroes!

Lead your heroes to adventure throughout the history and repair the disordered timeline!

1.Easy and Idled Gameplay
It’s a time and energy-saving mobile game!
You can enjoy it anytime and anywhere possible!
Claim abundant rewards even in offline mode!

2. Experience Legendary Adventures in Epic
Seek for potential heroes in the chaotic timeline!
Hundreds of legendary personages with distinctive characteristics and experience. Earn their loyalty to fight for you!
Ancient equipment, legendary artifacts, all kinds of surprises are awaiting you to explore!

3. Endless Joy From Strategy
Over 200 heroes from different factions, mastering hundreds of unique skills!
Set flexible formation and strategy with your high damage, healing, and controlling heroes!
Collect and forge artifacts, jade and equipment, Match them strategically!

4. Rich Game Content
IDLE strategy auto-battle, combat, dungeons, hero quests, collection, training!
Arena, Guild, Treasure Hunt, Friends, Government!
Infinite excitement is waiting for you to explore!

5. Exciting Gameplay Featuring Social Networking
Create the strongest legendary guild with other players!
Challenge powerful guild Boss!
Team up with like-minded friends, challenge worldwide players on the rankings for the highest glory and formidable trophies!
Compete for the Ranking and Highest Glory to win mighty trophies!

Contact us:
Email: qqccs[at]droidhang.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/OdeToHeroes
Twitter: twitter.com/odetoheroes
Instagram: www.instagram.com/odetoheroes_official

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Ode To Heroes user reviews :

I absolutely LOVE the graphics, it’s the most beautiful game I stumbled upon. It has a lot of potential, but it’s too hard to get new heroes, it’s too much pay to play. And while I understand the artwork is obviously expensive, maybe we could get at least daily ads to watch to get more resources? That way you get more money as well since they’ll pay for you to show ads in the game so it’s a win win.

This game is so amazing! I don’t have enough words to describe it, since it surprised me ( in the good sense ). All I can say is the fact that the graphics are amazing, interesting characters and skills; plus, it’s so easy to use this game! My inner Wuxia novel lover is surely happy at the sight of this amazing design :3 I totally recommend to play it!

I love the traditional style design, but the game has some setbacks. My team is about four times the power of the enemies in campaign, yet they can’t win. You need 1k beads to level past 90 and you can get about 80 in a day. I have 5 lvl 90s just sitting around unable to be enhanced further. The requirements for promotion are extranneous- 2 of same unit same star, 4 of same faction same star, 4 of lower star. You just hit a wall with this game very quickly and there’s nothing to do.

I have spent a solid week playing this game I love the whole idea of this game but I can’t give it 5 stars because of the strange promotion system it’s a little much and I can see new players kind of being turned away from it I myself am having a very hard time with it as well simply due to very low storage space and the lvl wall you constantly hit is not that fun plz remove

I’m not sure whether this or AFK Arena came first, but they’re basically the same game. That said, I might actually like this one better; the art is stunning, and I’m really enjoying learning the stories of all these figures of Chinese history and myth. It’s really lovely.

Honest f2p review. From the devs of Idle Heroes (very p2p friendly) comes Ode To Heroes, similar to AFK Arena but i like the artistic style more. Game is really fun in the first few days where you can make actual progress with spending little to no money but after a while you start hitting those pay walls. Basically at that point its either spend months grinding out what a p2p can get past in a simple purchase or two, game gets stale and makes ppl quit. Overall a fun spare time game.

This game is really fun and easy to play but unfortunately it has a glitch that keep turning the game off and you have to enter it again from the start.Hoping you fix this glitch, really waste of effort for people who made this game this game has something in it.
  • DH-Games
  • Dear Sitam, thank you for your cogitative comments. It seems that you met a technical issue, can you email qqccs[at]droidhang.com and describe it in detail? So that we can check and solve the problem. Thanks again for your support and feedback!

I haven’t played it much but it is quite fun for the little time I have played it. They hand you a lot of gear just for playing through it so its easy to equip your heroes, you also get a lot of upgrade mats so its easy to upgrade your heroes. At least early game, not sure about late game. I will say if you enjoy games like this to give it a try.

Best in its class. Relaxing music and sound effects, a great range of characters to choose from and wonderful artwork. Rewards make it fun and not pay2win. Just some patience and you’ll be on your way! Nice work to the creators, thanks for placing some thought behind the game!

The game itself os quite good. Sadly, trying ro start the game it crashes 4 out of 5 times and when you finally do manage tp start it the server connection is so awful that it kicks me put every few minutes and loading takes ages. Regarding the bad connection with servers and having ro reload the game drom scratch every few minutes, I can rule my internet being the issue out, my connection is stable and none of my other apps have a similar issue.
  • DH-Games
  • Dear players, sorry for your unhappy experience. Could you please email qqccs@droidhang.com with your problems in detail? We’ll help you ASAP!

Games fun. Typical amount of micros available. But gotten 4 or 5 5star heroes without spending a dime. Gotten lucky I guess. Had some good pulls. Game itself is pretty straight forward. And fun. No VIP locked functions which is a plus.

Latest Update :

Adjusted the purchase limit at Smithy to 2 times.

Contact developer :


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