One True Waifu – Match and destroy pairs

[Game] One True Waifu


From the makers of Waifu Labs( comes the matching memory game you never knew you needed.


Match and destroy pairs of heathen waifus until you find her — THE ONE! Nothing will stop you from reconnecting with your true waifu.

Easy to learn, OODLES of fun, an unforgettable one-of-a-kind experience.


BILLIONS OF CHARACTERS created by our robot artists at Waifu Labs. A feat of cutting-edge tech presented for the first time as a mobile game.
IMPORT YOUR WAIFU directly from the, for a more personalized experience. Be warned: this link is PERMANENT!
5 LEVELS that increase in difficulty, the later levels have pairs that look more and more alike.
OFFLINE COMPATIBILITY, take this game with you everywhere!

One True Waifu user reviews :

I love the overall idea and the concept of “saving” your waifu by matching other “fakes”, but there’s one gleaming issue that does have a workaround. I’d love to be able to change what girl I have from the ones I have linked to my email. Workaround: it CAN be changed if you uninstall and reinstall the game and re-link your email. Doing this will randomly choose one of the girls you have linked to your email. By putting in a button to unlink your email, theoretically, it might just be it.

I love the developers but this app is lackluster. For starters the linking system is utterly chaotic. Going to there website you can save the waifu’s generated. Bye using your email which somehow links it I guess to the app. Or something……to keep it short the apparent linking system is utter garbage. The next issue is. The main screen waifu dosent change after saving her it’s the same one as before and there’s no way to Change her. I’d gladly revise my review after they fix some of this.

Not sure if it’s a bug or intentional, or if it changes daily, I have multiple waifus I’ve linked to my email and it’s only showing the same one for every game, I was hoping for a new waifu every new game, but otherwise amazing game, challenging and fun!

  • For this game, the last waifu you created on waifulabs is your one true waifu! It doesn’t change after you’ve linked her.

It’s a fun one-run game that makes you feel accomplished when you win over your waifu. And the fact that the game creates slight ai-generated variants to confuse you makes the final levels greatly challenging and unique. I’m loving the website, I wish you could save more than one waifu to your email. When I heard you made an app I was initially hoping the app would’ve been a way to help you choose which of your waifus you like the most, like waifu tournaments.

Fun matching game, level 5 was almost impossible but very satisfying to finally beat, a good feature to add would be to use a new saved waifu every game, or clicking the link button after linking should get another of your waifus.

The only problem with it is that it doesnt have enough to do.Please make it a rhythm game or give it a story, I beat it in 10 minutes

Love the game. Would give it the last star if when I add a new waifu to my email address, it would show that one instead.

Pretty good, but as soon as they add a way to change which waifu your playing with I’d give it 5 stars

A really fun tile-match game (and very challenging as well)

The puzzles are great I love towards the end the girls look so alike

Really nice Memory game. I just wish you could change your Waifu.

Really clever waifu game mechanic! Looking forward to more products

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