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[App] PassKeep – Password Manager

PassKeepPassKeep – Password Manager provides a secure vault to keep all your passwords, addresses, bank card details, private secure notes and important confidential information – giving you faster access to your accounts, apps and important personal information.

PassKeep persists passwords encrypted in the protected internal storage on the phone.
The app never sends private data to the internet or to any other devices.


We apply Zero-Knowledge Security model.
It means that neither PassKeep – Password Manager as the service provider and application developer, nor anybody else can access your secured data.
Your data belongs only to you and is accessible only by you. We respect your privacy completely.
PassKeep Password Manager doesn’t store your one password on the Internet, which means we won’t be able to restore it, in case if you forget it.


Password Manager works offline perfectly without the Internet access. It never sends private data to the Internet.
Proves your identity by Fingerprint, Master Password or Biometrics to view your private secure data.
Stores passwords in a secure encrypted vault in the internal storage on your phone.
Uses the strongest encryption RSA-2048 bit algorithm to provide high level security.
Supports NFC Technology to store and access to a card details with one tap.
Open password hides in 3 seconds to not being spied.


Generate long, strong and unique passwords by randomisation algorithm in passwords generator.
Analyze and fix vulnerabilities, detect and update weak passwords, generate new and strong instead old and repeating keys using passwords analyzer.
Share single or multiple records with other PassKeep owners, using encrypted files.
Export & Import data into encrypted file protected by password.
Backup & Restore passwords from the encrypted file.
Unlimited storage for your data.
Get notifications about outdated, repeating or lost passwords.


Free version allows you to store a maximum total of 3 entries. It doesn’t have Pro Version features available.
With free version and trial period of Pro version you can get a taste of how PassKeep can improve your daily life and help you to keep your data protected.

Why do you need password keeper?
It’s very hard to remember all passwords from different services, accounts and physical stuff.
How often did you request a password reset after a forgot password moment?

With your free Password Manager, personal password keeper you can save precious time and ensure online safety over and over again.
With all your passwords in a passwords vault and accessible with fingerprint or one password, it’s simple to sign in to your accounts, especially ones you rarely visit.

The application helps you to keep passwords, PIN codes, bank card information in an easily accessible yet super secure place.
Owing to Fingerprint and verification with one password you can be sure that no one can access your sensitive data even if they get access to your device.

Passwords generator helps you to ensure you always use strongest and safest passwords for your accounts.
With passwords analyzer you can make sure your passwords don’t repeat and updated often enough to eliminate any risks.

Use the latest version of PassKeep – Password Manager on all your devices.

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PassKeep user reviews :

Updated to 4 stars for adding password generation to the App! If you make this app something that can be saved to an SD card/external storage, that would be a bonus. My phone died unexpectedly on me today. This app is not associated with any accounts. If my phone became inoperable, all of the passwords saved would be lost to me. If I could save and operate from the SD card, I can recover everything no matter what.

  • Hi Antoine, thanks for the awesome ideas! We’ll discuss it in the team!

I love this app. In my eyes, it’s perfect. I like that it’s secure in that it’s on my phone and not in a cloud. The strong password generator is a handy feature too which I’m starting to use more now given recent cyber attacks. I like the reviewer’s suggestion of being able to back it up on an SD card or something external. Inevitably, like us mortals, our phones will die some time! I would also like my family members to access my passwords when I eventually leave this world

For a few dollars, if you forget any of your passwords, just use the fingerprint sensor to pull it up. Your finger never changes so you will never ironically forget the password to the safe. Brilliant app.

It works for it’s intended purpose however it would be great to be able to organize them, such as alphabetically or numerically. I do like that it is only on my device. Also, how do I edit or delete?

  • Hello Karry, We appreciate your review! In the latest release, we’ve added some of the features you’ve mentioned. To edit or delete an entry, swipe the corresponding row to the right or left. Also, now all the entries are organized alphabetically. Please update and let us know what you think! Have a nice day!

simple and does what you need it to As an addition,it could do with categories so that my passwords are not just in one large list.

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