[Game] PetraVis

PetraVisPetraVis : Build stuff or count blocks!

PetraVis is a game that places the player into a world made of blocks. Blocks can be removed by digging them and new blocks can be placed nearby other blocks. New worlds can be generated. It is highly inspired by Minecraft Pocket Edition, BlockWorld and Minebuilder.

NOTE: Loading worlds is deactivated in the LITE version. You can load worlds saved with the LITE version when installing the full paid version (PetraVis) on the same device.

What happened to Steinkraft?: This game was previously called Steinkraft but Google removed it from the Android Market. To make it obviously clear that this game is NOT related, NOT endorsed and NOT approved by Mojang it is now called PetraVis.

Default Input & Opposed Input: (can be selected in the settings menu)
– Use the two virtual analog joysticks to move around and rotate your view.
– Press the circle on the top right to switch between dig- and put-mode.
Alternative Input: (can be selected in the settings menu)
– Use the joystick on the bottom left to move around.
– Drag across the screen to rotate.
– Tap&release very quick to add a new block.
– Tap&wait and then release to remove a block.
For any input method:
– Tap the circle showing a jumping stick figure to jump.
– Press the button centered on top to go back to the menu (progess gets saved).
– Tap the texture on the top left to show the texture selection overlay.

Double tap the jump button quickly to toggle fly mode.
Detonate TNT by placing fire near it.

Currently implemented features include:
– Procedurally generated terrain.
– Flat, sphere, pyramid terrain.
– Simple lighting and shadows.
– Digging and placing new blocks.
– World saving/loading. (only in paid version!)
– Settings saving/loading. (only in paid version!)
– Torches and ladders
– Little piggies
– Glass
– Flowers
– Mushrooms
– Rails and minecart

PetraVis user reviews:

I really like the concept, but my only problem is the missability to fly! And for there to be diagonal tracks (via minecart) and for better terrains! Maybe u can specially make one specically for roller coaster making! I hope u update soon

One is add a toggle for day and night beacuse i sometimes just wanna build in broad daylight. Two add tools and weapons but good start with the fire. And fix a few bugs like the minecart and door. Even make the tracks go up and downhill. +add running water!

Great game I love petravis but it needs a few thing like •Saving slot for the free version at least 2 •Wepons-sword, bow, pickaxe •A round world ’cause it just has a end in the game? •Enemies-bears, wolfs, spiders, fox •Pets-cats, dogs, pigs, cows •More blocks •Crafting table •Ramps for roof,@ minecart •Health & food •Caves, ponds,& swamps •& better transportation because the mine cart glitches alot So PLEASE UPDATE PLEASE

Just put play a ble survival, survival save file (just one at least plz) and enemys like vampires gargoils or trols and enemy eggs and weapons + armor also I give it 5 stars because im not a dosh but at least put animals that move mor than one block.


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