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Welcome to Poetizer: Where Depth is the New Luxury.

In an age flooded with fleeting digital interactions, Poetizer stands out as a haven for those who treasure the profound and enduring power of words. It’s more than just another social platform – it’s an invitation to immerse yourself in a realm where depth, value, and quality are paramount.

A Minimalist, Ad-Free Sanctuary
We’re steadfast in our commitment to keep Poetizer third-party ad-free. We value your focus, ensuring that your writing remains the central star, unhindered by distractions. Beyond that, we understand the sacred trust you place in us; your privacy and data security are our topmost priority.

Always Growing, Always Improving
Your voice matters. At Poetizer, we’re not just static; we evolve, continually enhancing our features based on your invaluable feedback. Share your insights at support[at]poetizer.com, and together, let’s sculpt the future of Poetizer.

A World United by Words
Within Poetizer lies a global tapestry of poets and word enthusiasts. Every subscription nurtures this diverse, dedicated community, ensuring that every writer, from novice to laureate, finds a safe and supportive home for their craft.

Hone Your Craft
Our world of words is a treasure trove of inspiration and growth. Engage with global voices, receive constructive feedback, and elevate your writing to professional levels. The horizon holds tools, services, and opportunities tailor-made for your writer’s journey.

Self-Publish Your Words
With Poetizer Publishing, your words take on a tangible form. Publish, sell, and celebrate your creations in beautiful books, pioneering a fresh, integrated approach to self-publishing. We dream big, aiming to expand our reach and offerings.

Wellbeing in Every Word
Writing is catharsis, healing, and exploration. In Poetizer’s elegantly designed space, experience the therapeutic allure of self-expression. Join a collective that celebrates, understands, and advocates the transformative magic of words.

Join Poetizer Today!
Begin your free 14-day trial and witness the world of difference in every word. Dive deep, for in depth lies luxury. Be part of the Poetizer narrative.

Poetizer: Where Every Word Matters. Join us.

Read Poetizer’s Terms of Service on our website: poetizer.com/tos.

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Poetizer user reviews :

I started this app a year ago, I absolutely loved it. Free publishing, seeing other’s artwork, and more. It was also extremely great for beginners. I deleted the app for awhile, and when I came back, I couldn’t do anything without a subscription in my way. I really love writing poems so this made me upset. I still love this app but the subscription won’t let me do anything. Not even let me view my own profile! I love this app like I said, but subscriptions are annoying.

  • Hi, you can view and download your posted and drafted poems on Poetizer, regardless of your subscription status. To do so, ensure you are using the most recent version of the app. Introducing a subscription plan was a tough call to ensure the platform’s sustainability and growth. If you enjoyed Poetizer, kindly consider revising your review.Thanks

in one ofthe reviews you said drafts were accessible but they are not. I started writing as a hobby and trusted your app with all my writings. Now that I’ve not got much time for this, I randomly opened the app one day and saw that to access all my drafts I would have to get premium membership. I can’t afford to spend that amount definitely not right now when I’ll probably not even be using the app. Edit: All my draft was provided to me in a pdf form. Thanks for that!

  • Hi, with the introduction of our subscription, we developed a feature for all users to access and even download their work! Do so by accessing your account settings; just make sure your app is updated! Contact support[at]poeitzer.com if you need help. Respectfully, your one-star rating significantly impacts efforts to give poetry a meaningful place.

I love the app, everyone likes my poetry and gives great insight on it. I just don’t like the subscription that u guys added, everyone on the app does not like that you have to pay now for a subscription. Now I have to uninstall because I can’t afford to pay to be on a subscription. I like how it was free and you could do anything. Can you please remove the subscription if anyways possible.

  • Hi Michael! We truly appreciate your love for the app and the positive feedback on your poetry. We understand your concern about the subscription. We had to make this decision to sustain the app and its development, but we’ll consider all feedback. If you have any additional comments, email us at support[at]poetizer.com. Thank you.

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