Racey Rocket – Battle for the fastest times in the world

[Game] Racey Rocket – Arcade Space Racing

Racey Rocket  Racey Rocket is a retro 2d arcade racing game where players boost, slide, and bounce their way around challenging tracks for the top time.

Use ultra intuitive controls to guide a racing rocket through tight circuits and battle for the fastest times in the world.

Race through over 100 tracks with insane speed whilst dodging everything in your way. Unlock over 65 awesome rockets and trails to customize your rocket and hit the finish line in style!


2D arcade racing gameplay
BOOST, BOUNCE & SLIDE around 100 epic tracks!
Unlock unique Rockets and Trails!
Slow time to hit the perfect lines
Compete in daily tournaments to earn big prizes!
4 game modes including Classic, Arcade, Circuit & Endless
See how you stack up against the world’s fastest

Slide along BLUE walls
Bounce off PURPLE walls
Avoid RED walls
Cross the finish line FAST!

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Official website: www.salmonpirate.com.au

Racey Rocket user reviews :

This is a really addictive and a fun game. Good for passing time

Very good and creative game. There are some issues however during the gameplay. First of all there is no pause button during gameplay. I hate that. Second, there are a lot of times when I want to click the ‘eye’ button to view the level or the ‘track select’ menu to exit that I almost every time start the game which makes the good experience bad. Third I don’t like the fact that apart from customization there is no use of the gold. If we could buy a few crystals with a lot of the gold, then it would make sense to collect them. Also that gameplay animation where it says ‘tap to play’ takes a lot of time. It takes 3-4 taps to get to the menu which is very annoying. Please fix these and game would be a lot better and gameplay would be a lot smoother! Thanks

Good game, but sort of different from what I played in beta. I can’t see my ranking because it requires you now to use Facebook instead of Google play, which is very odd and a poor choice
  • Salmon Pirate
  • Hey Ethan! we still use google play for rankings just like we did in the beta but since then we have added in new modes which we use Facebook for ranking in the daily tournaments! Thanks for helping us test during the beta!

That kid that was calm and knew the combo buttons to mortal combat would excel at this game. The button bashers, like me, would probably fail miserably and be completely uncoordinated….  Decent little game

I have completed the game. Arcade portal I level 12 is very hard and pretty much unavoidable. 2 stars for that. And thats it. See ya.

Responded to my comment and fixed issue. Keep up the great work to improve a great game
  • Salmon Pirate
  • Thank you for bringing this to our attention! The latest version should be fixed now. If you have any more problems please let us know – info[at]salmonpirate.com.au

I don’t knows whether I love it or not but I will play it for long time

Best game I ever played It has challenges and very nice game play

It’s a very good and difficult time passing game

This is really a very decent game…. Will have lot of fun..!! Have nyc gaming have fun

I have an Idea. You probably won’t see this but, you should somehow implement a way for players to create and share levels with the rest of the the community and their friends. And the player can submit it to you and approve it to be a level in a community pack. I don’t know this was just an idea, but anyways it is very addictive and fun. Thanks! Keep doing what you do, you will do great in this world

Man sometimes it is hard as hell…but you want to play it again and again.

Colours are very vivid, gameplay is fun but the controls can be a teensy bit difficult. Developers aren’t greedy with the ads, only ad is optional and comes up rarely!

Awesome game ! Built for time pass highly addictive . Loved it. I wish we could play multiplayer with friends and challenge them or build courses ourselves and challenge other players. The Facebook connect takes a while and doesn’t connect in one attempt !

the game is very amazing, addictive and interesting but I want a mode in which we can create our own levels

Great app Just I would like it more if the controls were customizable…

The only issue i have is i cant find anything to spend gems on yet but that might be because im not far enough

I love this game its great for killing time

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