Rangers Choice RPG – Protect a caravan through the wilderness

[Game] Rangers Choice RPG

Rangers Choice RPG  Now you found a new Delight Games volume with NO ADS and NO PURCHASES. This is REAL FREE.

Under orders by the Storm Throne, you have been assigned to escort and protect a caravan through the wilderness. You expected dangers along the road, but you soon find out the real peril is from within your own party.

Get ready for a text adventure where YOU make the choices for the main character. Stay alive, search for achievements, and go for the highest rank at the end!

From the makers of “Wizard’s Choice”, “Demon’s Choice”, “Rogue’s Choice”, now you get to play a ranger in the same Ring City Universe! Note that this game is “stand-alone” in that you don’t have to have played any of those other games to play this one.

Written by Hardy LeBel and Sam Landstrom.

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Rangers Choice RPG user reviews :

I played some of your games(rpg choice) and im glad to tell u you are a great games making company. I kniw that the developer should earn money too but if u put the game free u should make game somehow that user can get progress without spending money and you did that perfectly. Wont speak ab the qua and amzing storyline Downl it u wont regret trust me

Great story! However to call it a “choices game” is a bit far fetched. You only make a choice once every several pages, and when you do it really just comes down to “do you want to lose health, or moral?” It does not actually impact the story. Id like to see new story segments with more of s choose your own adventure feel Aside from that its a great read

The choices dont matter much, but then again its hard to do so while keeping the story in line. The choices remind you that you got to pay attention and that its a game. The story is entertaining and keeps you reading. Think of this as a fantasy book where you can decide some actions. Also no adds, which is awesome. But no saves either, which sucks. You have check points but you have to go far back to change a choice you made, which means you cant try all choices without really bothering.

Great storyline and gameplay. Most stories you read today are too predictable and are almost Xerox copies on one another. The stories in this series are fresh and have original thinking. Good jod to the writers!

Generally interesting story. I like the direction it went at the start and am engaged and wanting to continue reading. Main drawback I found was he portrayal of female characters. There are only two: one is constantly seen as a sex object for the protagonist who is shown to do really stupid things in life threatening situations and the other is a damsel in distress. Would like to see a competent female to match the multiple male characters.

Super good story! It like you yourself are there in this world. But be wary and watchful for a rangers life is a dangerous one, any choice you take may be your last… Great job with this game!

Great story, strategic choices. But more of a book than CYOA. Still absolutely fun to go through.

absolutely enjoyed the first chapter. the writing and lore is top notch with some choices to put some tension.

Love the storyline, it’s great one to read while passing the time

There is a minor bug when leaving and coming back to the game at a page that changes your stats, it will change them again. I’ve finished a chapter with -2 favor, for example. Disappointed to only have 1 chapter

I loved this concept as a child when the “you choose” books first came out. Now, both my teenage son and I enjoy the adventures. Seeing him read so voraciously while exercising critical thinking, is a win!

Very fun and pretty interactive. You can lose, but have iptions to go back and change the story if you do die. Also get stat report after the chapter is over.

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