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On the next patch in January, the package (with all leaders and ads skip option for 10% discounted price) will be added.
Please note that if there’s any purchased item, the package will not be purchasable.

Ratropolis, the greatest of all the murine metropolis, plagued by the corrupted, covered with the infected.
Survived escaped the city once-glorious,
but the threat never let them rest.

In this grave danger, survivors are waiting for the one to bring salvation. With the exceptional skills and strategy, who will defend the new homeland and rebuild the great city of Ratropolis?

Real time strategic tower defense card game!
To protect the city safely, what required is focus on choices. Starved zombies will never let you rest. With over 500 cards of economy, military, and buildings, choose wisely to protect the city.

Various leaders with significant abilities
The 6 leaders of Merchant, General, Architect, Scientist, Shaman, and Navigator, will lead the city with their own styles. Build your deck fits to the leader and rebuild Ratropolis.

Very addictive! You will want more as you play!
Around 100 events will give you the new experience every time you play. Focus on what the advisors suggest you. Get new effect and cards to protect the city. As you experience more, you will get more interested.

Adventure, challenge, battle and survival! Prepare the Plan!
It is not easy to keep the settlement safe. Enemies invade more harshly as the time goes, and sometimes challenging bosses will follow. This foundation might get crushed, but do not worry. There will always be survived rats, awaiting with new hope.

Easy to, Fun to, and Free to Play
Wherever you want, whenever you wish, you will be able to play the game. Survived rats will continue living under your rule. Defend the city from devastating enemies and build the greatest Ratropolis among history.

You can also play Ratropolis on PC, Steam too.
Enjoy real-time deck building combined with tower defense!
Play Free Now!

System Requirements
CPU Dual-Core

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Ratropolis user reviews :

Very cool and cute vibe. Addictive. No ads, unless you want to increase your end game score. If you like Kingdom on the PC, you’ll feel right at home here. With reasonable asking price for new types of towns to play with. Honestly this is a great example of how mobile games should be. 5 stars hands down. My only suggestion is to make it more easy to tell what units are at each wall. Maybr I’m missing something, but the icons don’t clearly correlate to units at a glance.
  • 카셀 게임즈
  • Thank you so much for playing the game, Eugene Espinueva! We are having quite many issues because of the wall in the game on mobile version. We’ve tried to improve the UIs, but this was the far best we got. Still, we will try more :) Thank you again, and hope you have a wonderful new year!
It is a different deck building game, it is also a tower defense. There aren’t many like that but this one does it the best. It can be difficult to learn how to play well, but it is smooth gameplay. I don’t think I can find another deck building game on this level again. So I give my thanks to the developers of this game.
  • 카셀 게임즈
  • Thank you so much for playing the game, Samuel! Hope you have a wonderful day
An amazing strategy game. Definitely one of those easy to learn but hard to master type of games. I wish the other leaders were free or could be unlocked permanently after doing a certain task, but even so, the 2 given leaders are really fun to play with.
  • 카셀 게임즈
  • Thank you so much for playing the game! I hope you enjoyed the leaders :) Hope you have a great day
Great card defense game. Pretty unique compared to others. However just needs a few tweaks such as making it easier to select defense walls to move troops. Sometimes larger troops get in the way and make it difficult to select the wall itself. Also, I’d say it’s pretty inappropriate and offensive to name a card “Trafficking” in the Navigator Leader deck. I mean honestly, why? I’d recommend renaming or removing the card altogether.
  • 카셀 게임즈
  • Thank you so much for playing the game, Joel Diaz. The wall problem has always been causing problem, we’d love to fix, but unable to solve right now. The other, we tried to how much the pirates are so cruel, which is one of the Navigators special aspect, affected by the ‘Notoriety’. But sorry if you are offended! We will discuss about it.

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