Road Trip – Traveling through the world of secrets and mysteries

[Game] Road Trip – Royal merge

Road TripCasual Adventure Game! Mobile Application Adventure Game. Casual Adventure in your pocket! Road Trip: Royal merge Adventure Games is an Adventure Game about traveling through the world of secrets and mysteries!

World with a unique history and events awaits you!
Mobile application Road Trip: Royal merge Adventure games is a mobile application that is always with you in your mobile device. Mobile game is an Adventure for the whole family. Road Trip is a whole Klondike Adventure! Real family island with different locations and mysterious places. Casual Adventure game is waiting for you!

Our Road Trip game is a unique township of story-driven Adventures and journeys. Merge items and have fun with the events!

Journey through our game will introduce you to Alex, the main character of this story!
Join Alex, an aspiring designer, on a journey to discover the secrets of unexplored lands!

Merge items Alex and her friends desperately need in their Adventure!
Visit the unusual locations of the 1980s and enjoy their authentic architecture and interiors!
Complete quests to advance in your travels with Alex and earn fantastic rewards!
Solve challenging puzzles encountered along the way!

Many colorful characters, different backgrounds, professions: cooks, mechanics, gallery owners, adventurers, shamans and scammers. Many animals – for each location of our game Road Trip!
30+ locations with different geographical settings: empty ones are replaced by mountain peaks, snow forests, tropical islands! Urban landscapes with wild thickets, jungle – all this is available in our mobile game Road Trip: Royal merge adventure! Real road Adventure with a constant change of scenery outside the window.
Each chapter is a separate living world, a reference to a certain American state and iconic places like Roswell and UFOs and the like!

Each location is a small story. Our game Road Trip gives freedom of genres and moods: there are action-packed adventures in the jungle, traps and crocodiles, mystical ghosts of the Hawaiian Islands, chases and bizarre mechanisms, reality TV shooting (intrigue, investigation), dates and balloon flights. Treasures and architectural puzzles, caves and ancient civilizations! Love line and a triangle in the fight for the heart of our heroine Alex!
Setting in the spirit of 1960-1980 blurred timelines, lack of modern gadgets, nostalgia for a bygone time!

Road Trip: Royal merge adventure games has a huge number of different mini-games! Play for fun!
Every month there is an update with new mechanics/time events. We release a new location every week!
Event Expeditions, time-limited expeditions with new mechanics in the merge! Treasury rooms, crafting, garden beds, energy generators at the location, tournaments, season pass, wheel of Fortune!

Road Trip is a matching puzzle merge adventure game! Game of merge items for the whole family. Play our relaxing puzzle merge game. You’ll match and merge items, solve puzzles. You can play our Road Trip game without internet!

The great merge journey is about to begin! Have fun exploring the worlds of Road Trip!

Road Trip user reviews :

I really like the game but I am disappointed every time I start to get somewhere through the board as the traveler and I’m hit with 4, 5, 6 ,7 obstacles that require so much of your energy that unless you are constantly purchasing more then you are waiting for it to recharge. It only recharges fully to 100, and I’m at a stage where most obstacles to clear are 35-55 in energy. Even if you get bonus energy, it doesn’t take long to use it up at that rate.

  • We appreciate your feedback! We’ll think what can be done to improve the situation!

I like this game a lot. It is true, though, that the energy goes way too fast. Sometimes, I finish a map destination and then have to wait for a while for a new one to open. I am at the festival destination, and it will not let me get all the treasure chests. It bounces me back and forth to the same door over and over. I have been stuck here forever. Only the mini 5-6 day destinations have kept me going….. But I really do love playing this game.

The game concept is fun and I do enjoy the game play quite a bit. But the energy cost is just too painful and unbalanced. I’m almost never using any of the battery (merge energy), but I’ll use up the blue energy in just a couple minutes. I actually spend a decent amount of money on another merge game, but only because they’ve made playing free fairly reasonable and for the money I spend I get a lot of playtime. It doesn’t feel like a wise use of money with Road Trip.

  • Sorry to hear you’re experiencing energy issues in the game. We appreciate your feedback and will pass it along to our development team for consideration. Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

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