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[Game] Secret Cat Forest

Secret Cat ForestNowadays playing games can often be stressful than relaxing…

So why not play this whenever you feel like relaxing and befriending cats?
Craft items/furniture the kitties love!
Craft them one by one, and the most adorable kitties will appear… maybe…

Relax, kick back and enjoy the game!

Then, once you become friends with the cats, you can witness their special behaviors :)
Befriend as many cats as possible, and complete your own album!
You can download the album images to use as your PC or Mobile wallpaper!

Easy to play, intuitive controls!
Day/Night cycle (real-time)
Dozens of adorable kitties
The cutest animations
Gorgeous moving backgrounds
Linked to Google Play game service (Cloud)

How to play
1. Craft “Furniture” cats love
2. Use the fishing rod to fill up the “Fish”
3. “Turn off screen” rest up and coming back later
4. Cat Appeared!!

Tap the tree on the right, collect wood and build furniture!
Go fishing to fill up your fish inventory.
Every time cats visit, they’ll gobble up your fish.
You’ll acquire items through fishing or kitty’s gifts.
Upgrade using these items!
Swipe from the right corner of the screen
(like flipping pages in a book) to go to “Archive”.
Complete your Archives to acquire a Special Album.
Use Furniture Collection when you’re out of woods!

Craft secret furniture (Gold?) to discover a new place!

Cloud Save
Saved to cloud, not a server. Save/link your data to Google Play Games to keep your progress safe.

File access, camera: Will be used to save the Special Album images to your device album.

Q. The ads will show but I never get the rewards.
A. Go to settings and type in “safemode0” in the “Enter Code” section.

Q. Ads won’t appear for a long time.(Ads not ready)
A. Check the ‘CS – FAQ’ in settings at top right.

Q. I’ve completed the Profile Archive, but I’m still getting Shards!
A. There are extra Shards in the game (Around 20.) If you get more than 20,
find out which secret furniture (Gold?!) is waiting for you, and use shards to craft it!

Once you link your data to Google Play Games, the game might not start if you haven’t accepted all required permissions.
Please restart your device, restart the game and then accept all terms of service.
Permissions will only be used to save/load the game.

Game has unexpectedly crashed(or stopped) : Clear Cache
Settings → Apps → Secret Cat Forest → Storage → Clear cache (or delete temporary files)

IMPORTANT Make sure the device time is [Set Automatically]. If you change the device time manually, game data may be permanently deleted.

Other experimental features
At the top right, go to settings and type in


in the “Enter Code” section. (Only works at night!)
Enter the same to turn off.
Try it and see what happens!

This game was created with the support of the Seoul Business Agency (SBA)

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Secret Cat Forest user reviews :

This is a very beautiful and simple little game. The ads are all very non-intrusive, only shown to get a reward! You collect wood, build furniture, catch fish, and look at the new cats that stop by. I am trying to cut back on phone usage this month and this game is perfect as it encourages you to “take a break”. New cats are unlikely to show up when you’re constantly looking. It’s an adorable and calm little game to kill time while helping me make sure I’m not constantly engulfed in my phone!

Wood collection is very slow, even once the tree is fully upgraded. Could probably bypass this by making the production speed faster or adding more upgrades. Other than that, i really enjoyed the game. The cats are super cute, and i love the animations. Wood production is just too slow, though. Even making things that give wood instantly takes forever, and it’s gotten to the point where it doesn’t feel worth it to work for more cats

3 stars for the vibes, -2 for the pacing I could exchanges multiple letters with a pen pal in the Australian bush in the time it takes to collect enough wood to make an item. There’s ads to watch, but they are negligible in rewards and the only way to make any sort of reasonable progress would be to buys supplies or boosts. Part of the gimmick is to spend less time on the app and your phone, but this is far too slow even for that.

This is great. There’s so many items and cats, it’s beautiful, convinses you have less screen time, there’s many different things in it, some cats are in real life, lots of different furniture, I haven’t seen a single glitch, the list goes on. My only complaint is that if you want take a item down, you have to be friends with ALL the cats. And uh, like I said, there’s a LOT of cats. And not just that, but the all the paws have to be full. Other than that, I highly recommend it.

This game is absolutely amazing and very very cute. You guys are doing such a great job! I love collecting wood and also love fishing. And the music, ahhh…so relaxing! Like others have said, you can watch ads to get only rewards instead of those other games where every 5 seconds, there’s always an ad. I can’t wait to get more cats. So far, I have like 2 cats. I cannot wait to meet the others and play with them. Thanks for making this game guys!

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