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SenseraMore than 15,000 people love Sensera and get daily emotional support:

“It actually is very calming. One of the best apps I’ve ever downloaded for sure!” – tacticalfurry, US.
“Just amazing! I struggle with severe anxiety and this app helps me get through anything!” – Ommie, US.

We all have bad days and experience negative emotions. Self-help is the key to feeling better. People undergoing cognitive behavioral therapy, in a sense, become their own therapists. With practice, you will learn to change behavioral patterns and respond in healthy ways even in difficult situations.
Overthinking? Panic attack? Low self-esteem? The audio sessions and exercises will help you deal with problematic emotions, and as a result, build better mental health.

Turn on the audio session, and follow the therapy instructions. Allow yourself this time to relax and de-stress by focusing on yourself. Listen to the sessions even if you’re out for a walk or driving to work. It’s your personal time that will help you improve your relationship with yourself and others. The app provides exclusive sessions on abuse, partner conflict, divorce, and other relationship issues.

Do daily check-ins on gratitude, sleep, self-love and personal growth to track your moods. Exercises in the courses are designed to help you bring self-therapy into your everyday life. Each mindfulness exercise can provide you with an indispensable skill that will help you turn your life around in baby steps. These practices are based on therapy games mechanics. To feel in tune with yourself do your practices at any time of the day.

If you’re feeling lonely and need someone to talk to, Sensera’s community is here to help. In the therapy chat, you have nothing to be scared of. We’re all in this thing together. There is no such thing as “off-topic,” so feel free to discuss everything that comes to mind.

As a Premium member, you will have unlimited access to all courses, emergency situations, and guided meditation sessions. Attend to issues of anxiety, panic, and conflicts all at once. Mental problems usually go hand in hand with each other – treat them from different angles.

Sensera can serve as the initial step in CBT for those who are too ashamed to discuss something extremely personal even with a doctor or need depression help. So, begin with Sensera and see where it takes you.

Disclaimer: Sensera is explicitly designed to help people deal with mild psychological discomforts by forming new behavioral patterns. Users are reminded that the advice given by this app does not replace the opinion of a medical professional and need to seek the advice of a psychotherapist or doctor in addition to using the app before making any final decisions. If in any doubt, please consult a therapist or doctor in addition to using this app, and before making any medical decisions.

Sensera user reviews :

I like this app. It is really good and helpful. I paid for it using an Android device and now want to use it on an Apple device. When signing in there is no option to sign in using Google. When I input my credentials for my Gmail account, it doesn’t let me sign in. Please let me know how I can sign in.

This APP is loaded with potential therapy help every single day. I have got myself into looking forward to coming home and listening to the daily meditation. This APP is well worth the money and I highly recommend it to all, especially those in dire need of spiritual help.

  • It’s a pleasure to read such comments. Thank you from our entire team!

To know yourself better – Thanks to this app I became appreciate my life more, sleep better, get in contact with myself that was really important for me after some difficulties in my life which was influenced me and can lead to depression. Now everything is okay and if you feel yourself depressed your first important step it to download this app and get acquainted with it.

My favorite helper – This app is easy to use everyday in order to cope with stress, disorders and other psychological problems. You don’t regret if you will download it and make a subscription.

Choose to know myself better – This app helps me to know myself better and get acquainted with the most important person in life – me. Thank you for these opportunities. Without your app I couldn’t do it.

Trouble loading since first installing, i really like it but only got to use it for 2mins but i wonder if i pay would it work properly, i just wanted to try before I buy please help?!!

  • Hi Jamila, thank you for your review! We’re very sorry that you’ve encountered some troubles while using our app. It was a temporary problem with our servers. Now it is fixed and works without any bugs! If you’re still having some difficulties, please contact us at support[at]

I’ve been working on improving my mental health with the help of CBT for quite some time now – more than two years to date, and I believe I’ve come a long way. I feel happy, I feel in control of emotions. Therapy helps me support my mental health

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