Shadow Skate – See how far you can skate

[Game] Shadow Skate

Shadow SkateShadow Skate is the most exhilarating running and skating game on Android.

Navigate skyscrapers, forests, parks, and night clubs as you try to escape the shadows.

Test your reflexes as you skate down modern cities and along skyscrapers roofs. Speed up, jump & crouch to avoid obstacles, collect coins to buy power ups, and see how far you can skate!

Game Features:

4 beautiful skate park environment to get lost
40 challenging levels with unique vector tricks to try
Realistic physics and stunning shadow arts graphics

Shadow Skate user reviews :

i recommend everyone to play this whenever they’re stressed or frustrated out of something. I just had a break down and when I played it, it made me calmed. 10/10

Goo game ever i play the graphics are very good the controls are v.good best game .Make the 2nd part of this game. Only one problem is the music the music is not good but good game .

While downloading, I thought the game would be boring because of the small amount of data required but it turns out I was wrong. Thanks guys nice game.

the controls are good and all but same music and you can’t die like just hold to go right and you’re done just jump and crouch sometimes but like no challenge

it’s meh. the animations are okay but the music is just…. it’s so bad.

I really like this game I like the skill of the skate boarders

please make this more effective…and add some stages also.

Good experience.. it’s a pretty smooth game

Good nice and easy controls

Great game great music great animation love it

everything is good but it is very fast

The game is a wonderful one almost like vector i recommend u to download it u will enjoy it

this game is fun.but it made me delete my favourite game colour bumb you should download it .It’s fun and simple

Very nice game and I think it would be a great idea to have a good time

The game is okay, just annoyed that it copied a game called ‘Vector’ which is a really great game that I recommend for other users like me to play it. Not going to hate on the game because I think it copied, but just saying.

this game was good his playing system are very easy

this game is so addictive sometimes just so hard to take jumps on it but’s so cool!

This game is so good his graphics is lit and very easy control… the way….I loved it

i have seen these game interesting and you should try it . I mean the traps have been set up well.

it’s pretty good. keep up with the good work!

top of the line realistic. good work is always appreciated. thanks y’all. great job!!!!!

This game is the best game I have never ever experienced and played……Graphics and controls are really good and game play are also good. …!

The most interesting game in the world

It is a very good game

It’s good game

Exciting game the special thing is that it was not so heavy.

Awesome…..this game is tha best

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