Shiba Eternity – Start fighting to be the best

[Game] Shiba Eternity – Card Battle

Shiba EternityWelcome to Shiba Eternity – Card Battle!

Choose your cards and start fighting to be the best! The best deck building game! Time to enter the Dogjo! Collect awe-inspiring cards to craft your perfect deck then train with your own unique Shiboshis and take to the world to defeat all of your friends and foes alike!

Outwit your challengers and build your Shib Army in Shiba Eternity ™!

(And yes, you can pat the dog).

Gain exciting new cards and battle for incredible rewards to bolster your collection! Every match earns you experience and every day brings new and varied quests to complete.

Engage in fast, action-packed battles and find creative ways to outplay your opponents. Challenge friends at any time or climb the competitive Shiba ranks and become a Dogjo Master!

With hundreds of cards and thousands of Shiboshis to collect, you’ll always be able to find something new to discover. Earn new cards or craft exactly what you want without spending any money.

With 6 distinct disciplines to choose from and hundreds more additional cards to mix and match you’re able to fight in your own unique way in this trading card game. Whether it’s flinging fireballs or summoning pizza monsters we have the cards for you.

With intuitive controls and a quick introduction, you’re able to jump right into your first battle! In this strategy card game, you can always quickly change between perfecting your deck building skills and waging epic card wars.

There’s a Shiboshi waiting for everyone here, whether you’re a card battler or a deck builder you’ll find your perfect place in the Shiba Eternity™ TCG.
See you on the battlefield!

Shiba Eternity user reviews :

The game is a little bit rough as you first start out, mostly because of different internet’s ability to compensate with the game needs. The game itself does play really well, been a card game player for a while and it’s definitely a little different from other card games. Everyone takes their own turn and you can’t interact with the other player during their turn, so it’s kind of like you do your best in one turn and you hope it withstands to the next one. Definitely a challenge, very fun!

Love the game but needs some tweaking!!!! Take a look developers…. #1. When the opposite player plays a spell, their card does not pop out long enough for me to read what it does… So when the cast a spell, the card goes to the upper left of my screen and disappears before i can read it… You should have it stay out either till the turn ends or I click it away. #2. Ranked battles… It’s really no fun when you are about to win and they forfeit as it does not give me a winning streak…

Pretty cool card battling game. Artwork and card design is super attractive. Love the martial arts and dojo theme. A few comments: 1) For crafting, it would make sense to be able to filter by discipline and traits when forging. It would make it much easier to customize a specific Shiboshi 2) Ranked games can be glitchy; disconnects will show up as other player forfeit and app freezes and it counts as a loss. A lot of ranked losses are through DCs.

Very addictive. It works on my android with an occasional disconnect; nevertheless, it’s a fun game. Does not work on either of my iPads at the moment. I would suggest increasing the size of the lettering, in the description, on the cards. Unless you have eagle vision, you need magnification, while playing on your phone. The constant strain to read causes eye fatigue. I know the bugs will get worked out, and it takes time. Great Game!

This game is great! All disconnection issues are due to poor service in my opinion, not the game, I have good service and have never got disconnected. Only thing wrong I seen so far is during intense attack moments the cards on the field glitch out and lose their place. Also kind of hard to see card when having alot of cards in hand. Other them that game is super addicting for a good cause

I really like this game no ads, easy to learn gameplay, simple UI, and interesting concept. NOTES: I would add a friend code so you can battle friends (or making personal rooms that someone can come into), adding a way to see a collection book for cards (grinding out thing you want and you know exist adds some fun), and field mats (extra customization) Understand it just came out just some ideas to jot down. Reach out!

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