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SkyShowtimeSkyShowtime is a brand-new streaming service which is the new home of blockbuster entertainment.

A unique catalogue bursting with exciting and engaging content including new and exclusive TV series and movies, kids and family entertainment, real-life stories and documentaries, as well as a library brimming with all-time favourites. This is just the beginning. Iconic entertainment the world can’t wait to watch.

Enjoy the latest and most popular movies and series from the world’s biggest studios, streaming all in one place including Universal, Sky, Nickelodeon, Paramount, Paramount +, Showtime, DreamWorks, and Peacock.

With SkyShowtime you can:
Enjoy all your favourites, brilliantly curated and ad-free, always
Enjoy everything in Full HD
Listen with Dolby Digital 5.1
Get unlimited downloads and streams so you can watch from anywhere
Watch on any device, anytime
Stream on three devices at any one time
Create up to 5 profiles including kid safe profiles

SkyShowtime brings you handpicked, quality entertainment to suit every moment with titles including Halo and Yellowstone. There’s no contract, cancel anytime.

SkyShowtime user reviews :

This app is almost imposible to use with Chromecast. It cannot maintain a connection for more than 10 minutes. Also, when connected to Chromecast and watching a show, there is no link to the episodes list from within the player. You have to search for the show and browse the episodes from there.

  • Hi! We support Chromecast casting/the Chromecast streaming technology and we are sorry that you are having issues with it. Please contact our Customer Care on and we will be happy to look into it . Thank you!

Great platform. I like the selection & fresh vibe from the app( non dysptopian). Few things that need improvement: 1. Control when casting video needs better option. The “skip recap”/”skip intro” are available only from inside the app, not from the notification bar, which is a hassle bcoz the app relaunches itself. 2. When playing a video(stream) make an option to go back to movie page once it’s over, or tap to open its page. 3. Consider more BET+ content &more TV shows( eg. StarGate)

As of now, it’s very dissappointing. The refresh rate is 720p for the most part because it takes forever to go higher regardless of internet or device. Movie selection for me isn’t really worth yet. At the end of the movie it doesn’t skip credits. Haven’t tried binge watching yet (nothing for me to binge) but I doubt it’s any better. For now it’s really not worth the 1.99€/month but I’ll stick with it to see where this goes. I’m just taking it as very pre-alpha at this point.

After the latest update: The device i use ( Xiaomi MiTV stick) still heats up like crazy only while using SkyShowtime app, throttling and making the device very “unfriendly”. I opened and added a P3 (pentium 3) heatsink, now it runs ok. The main menu – could be better. Dolby Digital – perfect. Subtitles are the same, on some movies the subtitles are placed ok, on others are placed way on the bottom of the screen. Rating from 1 star to 2 stars, see you on the next update!

The app on my Sony TV is extremely slow, it takes 1-2 minutes to start comparing with HBO Max that starts in 10 seconds. Then for some reason when browsing it just crashes! Also the menu in the app it’s not intuitive, difficult to navigate – one of the worse I ever used in this category and I tried Disney+ too.

There are some good selections present here. The app for sure needs improvement. But, for me, the most annoying thing is that the app lags when watching a movie. It freezes very often and it’s really annoying. I’m running the app on Android TV. I hope this will be solved.

  • Hi! We are really sorry you are having issues using our platform! Please contact our Customer Care on and we will be very happy to help you. Thank you!

The app runs smooth on both mobile devices and Android TV. The intimal loading takes near minute, but after that it is faster. Content for kids is very well localized. The only major problem is the absence of subtitles settings on Android. For example, Battlestar Galactica, where every few sentences are unreadable, because white text blends with the background. At least add an option for text shadow, outlines or black background.

really good shows for a good price. less options than the most popular streaming platform, but WAY more quality. excellent new shows, great old quality studio movies with some current hits (e.g.Maverick),subtitles for everything. rewinding and fast forwarding could be a bit improved. all in all, the best streaming service I found yet

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