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SpiritleSpiritle is a 4 players turn-based strategic battle digital board game.

You incarnate a Spirit among the 4 elements: Nature, Earth, Water and Fire. At the rhythm of the 4 seasons, the fallen Souls challenge each other to regain their place in the World Tree.

In this enchanting cross-platform pairing game, open and pair similar lands to Attack and defeat other Players to win the party.

A 4 players party game mode.
After selection of Spirit and its skills, the 4 players can deploy their characters and move on the board. Open and uncover the tiles. If you pair identical tiles you can attack the other players. However, each Spirits have many unique skills and other way to attack. Pick them and use them skillfully at the right time to counter your opponents’ strategies.

A team mode for 2 or single person.
Challenge and outplay your friends in Custom mode. Create a private room and share his code to allow them to join it. Between alliances and betrayals, this mode is a treat to play with friends.

Play with friends.
Challenge and outplay your friends in Custom mode. Create a private room and share his code to allow them to join it. Between alliances and betrayals, this mode is a treat to play with friends.

4 Seasons based on Elements: Nature, Water, Earth and Fire. Each season, a new World Tree grows with an ability that affect the board and ranked games. Players challenge each other during Events for leaderboard, Golden Nuts and seasonal rewards to customize their Avatars.

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Spiritle user reviews :

This game has a lot of potential but falls victim to a lack of QA and Balancing polish. Each character you play with has a list of abilities to help them in this tile match system. Very unique and fun. The bad part is that some characters are so front loaded with Over Powered abilities that by just playing them you CANT lose. For instances. You play as the bear who’s attack increases per match AND switching over maps. That means all you have to do is play, not plan, and you’ll always win.

A simple game, without much strategic depth, but executed with charm and appeal. The lowest point is that turns advance at a glacial pace, and matches easily go above 30 minutes, so it feels very sluggish. Overall design is reminiscent of Armello, but that one is a more well rounded experience. Open to revisit the game after some updates with gameplay (and pacing!) improvements.

Absolutely gorgeous game centred around the most abysmal gameplay. It’s mostly multiplayer 4 players (FFA or 2v2), and each turn takes 500 years, and the randomness of when you start is so punishing. Don’t get me started on the ganging up. I’ve just had very few moments of joy and a LOT of moments of frustration playing this. It’s not for me, it doesn’t feel fun to play at all. Maybe there’s a learning curve but i got nothing motivating me to power through

First impressions : I had high expectations since Pirates Outlaws is one of my favorite games out there, and those expectations were somewhat met. While a bit slow at first, after a few hours of playing the game stopped bugging/glitching. The mechanics are interesting, and while the meta isn’t fixed right now, it seems like the players interactions are more important than the character’s abilities anyway, so one being stronger doesn’t seem to matter as much as I thought it could. Great for now.

Nice picture, nice to play, interface ok, game is easy to play, but tutorial is a bit difficult to understand. Want to add more characters, more items, more items in the shop, and more features or activities within the game. I’m cheering and will wait to play.

  • New character, new season and new product will coming

4 star cus I like the art style and mechanic. I sniff some unbalanced character in the game but thats ok, patch maybs will help. Not 5 star for now cus there’s bug on classic mode I encountered where the player who afk and then the burning timer come up and eventually running out but still, the turn doesn’t skip to other player. I’m kinda just stuck there for 6 minutes, had to abandoned the game. Hope devs fix it.

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